• QB Short Stories

    Virgilante (The Intro)

    To get the right vibe, hit “Play.” The first time he hit him with the steel, it stuck. So, he twisted it less than a quarter of an inch and leaned a little closer…” How’s that feel?” Virgil whispered. The combined looks of pain, fear, and confusion that registered across Olav’s face brought nothing but a sincere depiction of child-like…

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  • Societysilent twins

    Gibbons sisters – The Silent Twins

    June and Jennifer Gibbons (born 11 April 1963) were identical twins who grew up in Wales. They became known as “The Silent Twins” since they only communicated with each other. They began writing works of fiction but turned to crime in a bid for recognition. Both women were committed to Broadmoor Hospital where they were held for 14 years. June…

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