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  • CelebsCelebrities Deadly Situations In Real Life

    10 Celebrities Who Dealt With Deadly Situations In Real Life

    We often expect famous people to be immune to any sort of danger. It’s almost as if nothing can touch them behind the screens, bodyguards, big walls, and all the facilities that normal people can’t afford. But life does find its way to reach these powerful celebs. Sometimes these situations can also be fatal. In fact, some of the following…

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  • MoviesShocking Demands Made By Actors

    10 Most Shocking Demands Made By Actors In Movies

    No matter who invests money in the movie and who visualizes the story, it’s the actors who sit on the throne. A famous actor is basically the face of a movie or franchise. That gives them the liberty to behave like divas on the set and make outrageous and bizarre requests which have to be fulfilled at any cost. They…

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