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    The “Google of China” Enters Driverless Car Segment in a Big Way

    Nowadays there are many companies developing driverless cars, so it is easy to forget about Baidu. But this Chinese Internet Giant, which is often referred as “Google of China” is making a step towards its autonomous vehicle on the road. Baidu is Planning to use its driverless cars as a shared vehicle for public in 2018, but it is not…

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    5 Chinese Goods Every Indian Uses

    With the ascent of Chinese products in the Indian market, tastes and preferences of Indian buyers have become lopsided and  taken a shine to Chinese products, more than the Indian products.   Religious Ideals It so occurs that the Chinese manufacturers gear up early for Indian festivities than Indian manufacturers.When one steps out in the Indian markets,from streets to malls,…

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    economic expansion

    Neo-colonialism: The Sino-African economic expansion.

    In the contemporary world in order to maintain an economy, one needs to have a proper industry and influx of raw material to the same industry, evident from the western and Chinese economic expansion, a growth in the economy has to be backed by a growth in the infrastructure and upturn in production and utilization of resources. But what if…

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