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    10 Famous Actors Who Dared To Take Huge Risks In Their Careers

    Every one of us makes some smart choices as well as some dumb ones. This scenario is also applicable for the popular actors. They use to carefully select projects in order to enjoy continued success. But they too are humans and are prone to mistakes. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood have also made dumb career choices. Let’s have…

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    5 Famous Actors Who Began Their Career As Musicians

    It is no surprise that when we see celebs swap their own professions from being someone else into something else. For some musicians who think of trying their hands in acting, holding script kind of make them wooden and stiff. Some manage to hold it fearlessly and some not. So today we are counting down on five actors who were…

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    5 Uncommon Do’s and Don’ts For Resumé Writing.

    In the world of cutthroat competition and immense pressure, the requirement of a good résumé has never been more important. While your academics and work experience might speak for you, a weak résumé is pretty capable of letting go of your dream job. So here is the list of some uncommon mistakes that one can likely commit while writing a…

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