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    Two New Captain Marvel Deleted Scenes Reveal Unseen Star Force Footage

    Captain Marvel was the film that begun Disney’s reign at this year’s Box Office. It is amongst the top 10 highest grossing superhero movies of all time and Disney just can’t ask for anything more than that. They’re just too proud with Captain Marvel grossing $1.126 Billion worldwide. It was another one of MCU’s greats even though there are much…

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  • MoviesCaptain Marvel Deleted Scenes

    Captain Marvel Deleted Scenes Have Been Revealed

    Captain Marvel Deleted Scenes:  As is common with almost every movie these days, most of the times some amount of footage that makes the trailers do not make it in the final cut. Justice League was a movie that was butchered because of this. When you talk about the MCU, Avengers: Age of Ultron was supposed to have a longer…

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