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    Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Reveals His Bout With COVID-19  

    The Coronavirus took over the entire world back in March, and all kinds of people have been deeply affected by it. From normal people to sportsmen & Celebrities, everyone has had their experience with COVID-19. Many celebrities had tested positive with Coronavirus in the past, and all of them have healed. Big-name actors like Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Idris Elba,…

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    Actor Bryan Cranston Wants To Play Mr. Sinister In Wolverine 3

    Actor Bryan Cranston is most famous for his role of Walter White in the television series Breaking Bad. He played a teacher who ran an underground meth lab operation which got him into some real situations. Bryan Cranston recently made news for his campaign to play a certain bad guy in a superhero movie. Cranston does not want to be…

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