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  • Sunshine, Mud, and Water can do Wonders. Check out How!

    It was usually believed (and is still believed to an extent) that one catches any disease when there is a disconnect between the human body (and soul) and the natural energies.  Our body is very good, when it comes to self-healing, provided we maintain this perfect connection and balance. There are so many natural ways to heal our body. Obviously,…

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    Paint Me Pretty – Nail Art

      “How do I get pretty nails? Where can I get it done from? Oh! That’s so cute, I bet she spends most of her free time in salon to maintain those nails.” Girls love pretty nails…and many of us like to do our own nails instead of spending hours and hours in the salon. Not everyone can apply a…

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    7 Tips For Men’s Healthy Skin

    You must be thinking that these “beauty exercises” are just for the ladies and why a man needs to do this. Well, in today’s world, it is necessary. Dust, the sun, and other factors have made it important for men as well to take care of their skin. Even men dream of a beautiful skin and there is no wrong…

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