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    RDJ’s Dolittle Bombs at Box Office. Bad Boys 3 is a Major Success

    The weekend Box Office reports are in and Robert Downey Jr.’s Dolittle didn’t get as many people in the theatres as Universal Studios would’ve liked. Dolittle is officially the first bomb of 2020. But we are glad that it isn’t the same with Bad Boys 3. Will Smith was a part of a big Box Office bomb (Gemini Man) in…

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    Bad Boys 3 Going To Be The Best In The Series?

    There are a lot of movie franchises which get worse after each installment. They might succeed in the box-office just because of the brand name of the franchise. But there a few franchises which provide movies which can be matched with previous installments. Even if they couldn’t match up to its predecessors, they could be at least addressed as ‘good’…

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