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    10 Avengers 4 Rumors Which Totally Belong in the Trash Can!

    Avengers 4 is still 5 months away from us and because Marvel is not giving us anything, we have been transforming our own theories which are acting as fuel to our hype engine. These theories and certain set leaks & reports have put out a few rumours about what will happen in the film. But following the production of the…

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  • MoviesAvengers 4 Rumors

    10 Amazing New Avengers 4 Rumors That Will Leave You Star Struck

    Avengers 4 Rumors: Till now, Marvel has not given us anything official when it comes to Avengers 4. The insane hype which currently surrounds the film survives only upon the rumors, theories, and leaks that are revolving around the internet. While we have theorized and heard so many rumors about the events of the upcoming mega-crossover event, there will always…

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