• Jan- 2019 -
    8 January
    MoviesOpening Scenes in Superhero Movies

    15 Best Opening Scenes in Superhero Movies

    Most great superhero movies kick off with a bang. Usually, an awesome action-packed opening scene is there to grab the audience’s attention. Here we are going to list 15 of the best opening scenes in superhero movies. Some of your favorite scenes might miss out, but I think we do cover the best ones of all time!  15. X-Men Origins…

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  • 6 January
    CelebsTalented Actors

    10 Talented Actors with 3 or More Consecutive Bombs in the Recent Years

    In all actor’s careers there will be ups and downs but for a few of them bad times were for a longer period than anyone expected it to be with the actor delivering flop after flop. Here is a list of 10 amazing actors who have had three or more consecutive movies which performed pathetically in the box office. 10.…

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