New Captain America Theory Patches The First Avenger Plothole

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become this large organism that lives and breathes on its own. It is a huge collection of all sorts of characters who come from a wide variety of places. Kevin Feige has largely remained loyal to the source material, so fans are not easily skeptical of his work. But this is a reputation that he enjoys now, back in phase 1 things were a little different. Take The First Avenger for example. The movie was a great introduction to Steve Rogers’ Captain America. But the after-credits scene raised more than a few eyebrows. There was a continuity issue in the scene that led to this The First Avenger plothole.

You see, at the end of the movie, Steve Rogers defeats Red Skull and is left to his own devices atop a HYDRA plane. This plane houses the Tesseract and all kinds of HYDRA weapons. Steve does not want this technology to fall in the wrong hands. So he makes a choice. Captain America chooses to sacrifice himself in order to land the plane in the middle of the ocean. This leads to everyone believing that Steve died in the crash, when in fact, it is later revealed that he was preserved in the ice for more than 50 years. In the post-credits scene, we get to see Steve waking up from his hibernation and Nick Fury explaining to him that he has skipped a lot of time.


The First Avenger Plothole

Avengers: Endgame Captain America

“I’m missing time” is a common theme in the story of Steve Rogers. But in this case, fans thought it was Fury who had missed something. You see, back when The First Avenger was first released, Steve woke up in a room that was set up like a 1940s hospital. It was thought that SHIELD did this to make the transition easier for Captain America. But there was thought to be one fatal flaw with this setup. You see, Steve wakes up to the sound of a radio broadcast. This particular broadcast is of a game from 1941. The only problem is that this was a game that Steve Rogers attended in person.


The First Avenger plothole

Hence, it was thought that people at SHIELD made a mistake and put the wrong game on which broke Steve’s immersion in the lie he was being fed. This led to him escaping and meeting Fury. The plot hole was a significant one. But it has been patched recently. A recent theory suggests that SHIELD did not put on the wrong game. In fact, Fury might have chosen that particular game specifically because he would have wanted to confirm Steve’s identity.


Knowing what we know after watching Captain Marvel, it is clear that Fury would have known about the Skrulls at this point. Hence, Fury might have suspected that Steve was not Steve but a Skrull taking on that form to hide. Only the real Steve could have known that the radio broadcast was fake and that is what Fury might have been betting on. This new theory makes perfect sense and sheds some light on the tactics used by SHIELD. We wonder if there ever was a time when Fury constantly had to look over his shoulder for Skrulls.


The Future

Nick Fury Return in 3 MCU Projects

After all, “He’s THE SPY! His secrets have secrets”. Regardless of the situation, it is always fun to see the fandom coming up with explanations for the different scenes. No one is as good as Marvel when it comes to continuity and no one is as good as Marvel fans when it comes to pointing out the holes in that continuity. The audience has become too aware of their entertainers. They have become privy to the rules of the game and it has become hard for the Studio to stay one step ahead. But they sure as hell are trying.


We wonder if there are more The First Avenger plotholes and will Marvel be able to resolve them as their universe ages. Anything we say about that now will only be speculation so we are going to refrain from commenting.

Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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