Kingpin Should Be The Main Villain For The New Spider-Man Trilogy

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the culmination of the Jon Watt’s helmed Homecoming trilogy. But this is not the end of the Tom Holland Spider-Man arc as there are a lot more stories that we will get to explore with another trilogy already in development. The end of the final movie in the trilogy showed that Spider-Man is now heading for a fresh start for things. He will take on a variety of new characters but this time he might be a lot more alone than we have seen him before. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has already introduced a lot of exciting characters and it would be nice to see their work next to some of the Avengers. It seems that Hawkeye has introduced the perfect candidate for being the big bad in the next Spider-Man trilogy. Here’s why Kingpin should be the main villain.


Spider Man No Way Home Download Online

One of the major narratives of No Way Home is definitely the growth of the character of Peter Parker. Here we got to see a lot of development in his persona as he went through one of the most traumatic losses with the death of Aunt May. The ending of the movie showed that Spider-Man has now taken a fresh perspective into his character and he is headed for a whole new set of experiences. Peter Parker cannot depend on anyone else anymore now that everyone has forgotten who he is. This gives the character a lot of chance to deal with as a vast set of opportunities are now available to him.


Kingpin Should Be The Main Villain

Fans are now excited to see what new characters Spider-Man will come across in the new trilogy that will be built around the character. We saw that Matt Murdock is also a part of the MCU in what has to be one of the most exciting moments from the movie. This gives us a chance to witness Spider-Man next to Daredevil but this leaves us with the idea of who can be an ideal antagonist for this narrative.


Kingpin in MCU

The Disney+ series Hawkeye had a lot of theories surrounding it about the characters that might end up appearing in it. It actually confirmed one of the biggest and fan-favorite theories with the confirmation of Kingpin being a part of the MCU in the same week as Daredevil was confirmed by No Way Home. Vincent D’Onofrio returns to his portrayal of the character that made it one of the most daunting characters in Netflix Marvel shows universe. Hawkeye depicted that Kingpin already had some influence in the MCU even though it was not previously referenced in the MCU.


Super Villains Showed Human Side

While the ending of the series left us in a mystery about the fate of the character, we can be sure that MCU won’t kill this character right away. We might see Wilson Fisk being injured by Echo and then appearing as the primary antagonist in the spin-off series for the latter. With an entire army of goons under his power, we can see that he will become a much interesting villain over time. As the actor revealed that Kingpin is trying to re-establish his empire after the impact of the ‘blip’. This can actually make for an interesting narrative with a hero who is also making a fresh start.


Spider-Man vs. Kingpin

Kingpin has been associated with Spider-Man quite a lot of times in the comics and even in animated shows. Fisk is actually an enhanced character who has some of the abilities that are much alike the super soldier-like personas we have seen in MCU before. This would make for an interesting villain for Spider-Man as this also gives us a chance to see Daredevil team up with Spidey in order to fight him. The character can be established a bit better in the Spider-Man movies with each movie of the trilogy hinting at him and then the finale paying off with a larger narrative. Even if the character does not appear as the villain for the trilogy he can actually be the villain for one of the movies which would be similar to past Spider-Man films.


Kingpin Should Be The Main Villain

Kingpin has escaped from jail multiple times with the help of his connections and this leaves a chance for him to form the Sinister Six for the MCU. Most of the villains for Sinister Six are in jail and he can actually use his influence to bring them together and fight against their common enemy. Fans already consider D’Onofrio’s Kingpin as a big villain and it gives MCU a large opportunity to use him properly in a narrative.

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