A Game Changing New MCU Theory Suggests Hawkeye Is Set In The Multiverse

Hawkeye has grabbed the attention of the MCU fans with the story getting more serious with each episode. This series is actually the most exciting bit we have gotten from the MCU in terms of a narrative that is more grounded and far from the powerful and magical narratives. The recent projects in the MCU are slowly heading towards the concept of the multiverse with some of the projects indicating that. Spider-Man: No Way Home actually dives right into the concept of the multiverse based on a botched-up spell by Doctor Strange. There are certain hints present in the Disney+ Hawkeye series that might be pushing it towards the idea of being set in the multiverse. If the theory of Hawkeye being set in the multiverse comes true then it might change everything about the story that we have seen so far.


The series like all the other past shows this year have massive references to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that includes some of the biggest events in the franchise. One of the biggest amongst these is Rogers: The Musical which was based around the events of the 2012 New York Battle that we saw in The Avengers. A certain scene from the movie even showed a possible reference to the Netflix Daredevil series with someone very much like Kingpin being hinted at. 

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All the MCU references that we got to see might be fairly obvious because each of these events has a huge impact on the future of the MCU. But some of these events actually ended up being rather differently portrayed in the series. While not being a major difference, the events still ended indicating that the series might be taking place in a parallel universe. The heavy influence of Ant-Man in the series could actually be something that might also be a part of this reference. But this was clearly spotted out by Clint himself as the character points out that Ant-Man was not a part of the New York Battle.

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References To The Multiverse

Hawkeye Is Set In The Multiverse

One of the biggest references the series makes is to the New York Battle that took place when Kate was young and the very moment that ended up influencing her. Here we saw some rather larger inaccuracies with the events of The Avengers. That includes the length of the battle as indicated by the scene. Fans were quick to point out the continuity error where we saw Bishop’s perspective of the Battle ending the fight quite early compared to what we had seen in The Avengers. Another very specific error involved the damage to the Stark Tower as the episode for Hawkeye indicates that the damage to the tower led to the “R” being lost from “STARK”. Meanwhile, the damage had actually led to the “K” disappearing from “STARK”.

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Hawkeye Is Set In The Multiverse

These inaccuracies might actually point towards the idea of Hawkeye being set in the multiverse as that would set in motion the inaccuracies during the events of the Hawkeye. Another clear nod is to the idea that we saw Ant-Man in Rogers: The Musical during the events of the New York Battle. But what if Ant-Man was present during those vents in the alternate universe of which Clint has now become a part. If we do consider that Hawkeye took place in an alternate universe it would clarify the presence of Ant-Man’s character in the show.

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There is something rather odd going on in Hawkeye and the show is clearly not addressing that and the narrative seems normal compared to the craziness the past shows explored. The only other show that didn’t have any possible hint towards the multiverse was Falcon and the Winter Soldier but that was actually supposed to be the first show to debut before the pandemic delayed the entire timeline of the releases. Setting up Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin would also require a story to the multiverse and the series takes place after the events of the multiversal chaos in No Way Home and that might make sense. Either we are getting a Christmas treat with a rather simple story, or there’s something else absolutely different going on in Hawkeye.

What do you guys think? Hawkeye is set in the Multiverse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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