New Shang-Chi Deleted Scene Makes Wenwu Responsible For Iron Man’s Origin

Shan-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings are finally out in the digital format and fans can watch whenever they wish to now on the Disney+ streaming platform. The movie was a long time after which no external character played some sort of key figure in helping out. Making a massive project like that requires a lot of details and a lot of things behind the process to be perfected. It seems that there were a lot of decisions for the movie that were not utilized for the final product. We are getting to find out a lot of deleted scenes for the movie amongst the digital release of the movie. It seems that one Shang-Chi deleted scene actually linked Wenwu and the kidnappers of Tony Stark in Iron Man.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe recently found a massive opportunity to work on their past mistakes with the early projects. They are actually finding more opportunities now with the vast amount of projects to work on these past errors. One can clearly state that this was wrong and move on with that but MCU found a very funny means to deal with this issue. The character of Mandarin was very poorly constructed in Iron Man 3 and the movie ended up ruining the entire narrative of the Ten Rings by making them a joke.


Shang-Chi ended up redeeming the Ten Rings in a wholly original manner that ended up giving the Ten Rings the interpretations in the MCU that we would have wanted to see. Shang-Chi’s father Wenwu talks about the events that took place in the third Iron Man movie and refers to it all as a joke. He even mentions that they have captured Trevor Slattery, who portrayed the false Mandarin in Iron Man 3. It seems that there was an even bigger reference in the movie to the events that we got to see in Iron Man based on a deleted scene from the movie.


Shang-Chi Deleted Scene

The digital release of Shang-Chi has included a lot of deleted scenes and featurettes from the movie that we hadn’t seen before. One of these deleted scenes titled “Do It Yourself” might have shown a link between Wenwu and the events that took place in Afghanistan. The scene is actually a part of the flashback and primarily includes Wenwu’s return to the Ten Rings following the death of his wife. As he returns to the mansion, he confronts a captured Iron Gang leaded but early dialogue from the scene indicates that he has just returned from Afghanistan.


When an associate asks him, “I heard things were productive in Afghanistan?”, Wenwu replies with “Yes. Raa is capitalizing on the instability in the region.” This is a clear indication that Wenwu had been to Afghanistan to meet with Raza, who is the leader of the Ten Rings cell operating in Afghanistan. This creates a very strong link between Shang-Chi and the 2008 Iron Man movie.



Ten Rings was massively influenced by the various terrorist groups around the world and this was clearly indicated in the early depictions of the group. It is interesting to note that Wenwu was aware of what Ten Rings was up to during the early parts of MCU. Raza had made deals with Stark Industries’ Obadiah Stane and this allowed them to acquire weapons from the industries. While there is a possibility that Wenwu hadn’t exactly met up with Raza for this deal only but whatever happened might have led to the kidnapping of Tony Stark. It is interesting to notice that in a way Wenwu was also involved in the origin story for Iron Man.


One of the most essential points about this deleted scene has to be the fact that this might indicate why there was so much concern regarding the terrorist organization in the world. The deleted scene puts the timeline of the scene at a time when Wenwu had returned to the Ten Rings and this means that the Ten Rings had only moved back to their original ways of work. No wonder people were worried about the group’s presence considering the group might have just gone back in action. While it is not yet known whether this scene will be considered canon, we can say that there’s a possibility it is true because Shang-Chi suggested that the Ten Rings had an influence all around the world.

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