10 Must Watch Movies That Are Set In Snowy Winters

As the year comes close to an end we are going to get some of the best releases of the year. One of the biggest upcoming themes would be winter-oriented movies. Movies built around the snowy period and either giving us warmth with the festivals or giving us a solid end to the year. This has actually been a very old theme in the movies that have been employed in some of our most favorite movies. These movies encompass a wide range of genres from pure romance to action thrillers. Even some of the best mystery thriller movies have come out utilizing this very theme. Let’s take a look at a number of must-watch movies that are based in a snowy setting. 

Home Alone

Home Alone had long been an essential Christmas movie. The adventures of Kevin as his parents leave him alone by mistake and the wet bandits try to loot his house. This is a must-watch if you haven’t already, considering it features some of the most fun experiences you will have watching a movie. And don’t forget to make sure the doors are closed when you do sit down for watching this and also keep the lights on.


Snow Piercer

Bong Joon Ho has gathered quite a lot of popularity with his Oscar win for Best Picture. But he has been giving us some of the best movies for a long time now. Snowpiercer is one of the best comic book adaptations that we have gotten that explores a lot more than is visible to the eye. It featured Chris Evans in the leading role with some of the finest performances you will get to see.


Love Actually

Must Watch Movies

The heavy star cast of Love Actually gives us multiple narratives of love and its various meanings around the time of Christmas. This is an absolutely fun movie with a lot to enjoy and a lot of beautiful performances including Emma Thompson’s intense scene of realizing that her husband is probably cheating on her.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

This is Wes Anderson at his best, giving us some of the most memorable cinematic moments with absolutely beautiful cinematography. The characters here are as colorful as ever and they have a long-lasting impact on you. This is definitely worth a watch with the family.


Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day was responsible for the trope of time loop movies. It gave us a landmark story with a lot to learn and explore. Bill Murray gives an absolutely marvelous performance as his character goes into a breakdown while nobody is able to understand what he is going through. This plot has been used a lot of times since then and we have seen various versions of it play out in movies since.


A Simple Plan

Sam Raimi is known for giving us movies that have revolutionized the way stories like the theme of this movie are treated in the future. He gave us the Evil Dead movies and the Spider-Man trilogy which are two of the best trilogies we have witnessed. But this time around he gives us a small-town story that is dark and an absolute thrill with moments of suspense. A Simple Plan also features some of the greatest performances from Billy Bob Thornton and the rest of the cast.


Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Must Watch Movies

Another John Hughes classic considering Home Alone is already on the list. This was one of the finest performances we have gotten from the late great comedian John Candy. The movie tells us the tale of a pair of strangers forced to share their passage across the country. It’s a Christmas movie along with the elements of an unusual trip and the adventures that come along with it.

30 Days of Night

Based on the graphic novel with the same title, 30 Days of Night follows the story of a vampire-infested town during a period when there is gonna be no sunlight for the next 30 days. The movie is filled with some of the most intense moments. It has the tones of a zombie thriller and the survival tone is equally fun. Get ready to watch a movie that is gonna be a rather interesting experience.



Revenant earned Leonardo DiCaprio his long-awaited best actors Oscar win. The movie is another brilliant example of storytelling by Alejandro Innaritu. The story follows a father avenging his son’s death while going through all the stones in his path in a survival tale that has a satisfying ending. The movie is known for using completely natural lighting with scenes that are amongst the best moments in cinematic history.



Fargo is the masterpiece from the Coen Brothers duo with a perfect blend of some of the best elements we have seen from the directors before. This cold comedy gave us a unique vision from the world of cinema itself and it is a pure gem and will be remembered for a long time to come. It is a perfect watch that gives us an insight into the crazy world we live in.


It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life is watched by generations after generations for its story that gives us the true Christmas story. This family watch takes us through the ups and downs of a family with an absolutely beautiful performance by the cast. The movie also has some of the most memorable dialogues that are quoted often in movies ever since then.


Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Must Watch Movies

Though most of the Harry Potter movies feature a part that pushes it close to Christmas one has to agree that this one gave us a lot more than we expected. We got to see Voldemort coming in his final form that will continue to battle with Potter and his friends in the future. This was also a major point of maturity for Potter as he gets to witness some of the greatest losses here.

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