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8 Strongest Symbiotes in the Marvel Universe That You Should Know Of

The Klyntar are a race of Symbiotic beings in the Marvel multiverse. They survive by taking nutrition from their hist, they are extremely predatory and very powerful. But they need a body to survive for they are not able to process the nutrients they acquire. So this usually ends with them combining with one human being and turning into a chaos sewing monster. We have gathered a list of the 8 strongest symbiotes in the Marvel multiverse, take a look.


What is worse than a homicidal symbiote that is named Venom? I’ll tell you, an artificial clone of the said symbiote is much worse. Mania was a symbiote that was created by an industrialist in an attempt to replicate and domesticate the power of Venom. Alas! The symbiote went ballistic soon after its creation and took over a high schooler’s body. Mania then trampled through innocents but was eventually put down in the comics.

Scorn (Tanis Nevies)

Scorn is the child of Carnage, at least the symbiote part of her is. There was a time when the carnage was bonded to Dr. Tanis Nevies through her prosthetic arm. Heroes we’re able to save her from being consumed and send the symbiote scurrying back to Kasady. But before he did that, he gave birth to a new child. This child fused with Tanis and created the being called scorn. Scorn has the special ability to interface with modern technology making her a very big threat.


The Life Foundation created five symbiotes to act as a police force or their private enforcement team. It did not end well for them, as it doesn’t end well for evil corporations that try to clone villains. Needless to say, Scream is one of the more dangerous symbiotes because she can survive without her host. Let me be clear, she can survive without her host being alive. Her host died a long time ago yet she still possesses her corpse and uses it as a conduit to wreak death and destruction upon her victims. This is the first incident of a symbiote doing this and certainly makes her a threat.


There was a time when Venom was separated from Eddie Brock, but since the two were bonded for so long there was something left in Eddie that was more symbiote than human. This reality was pushed on him when he crossed paths with Mr. Negative who activated his dormant symbiote cells. The cells infected his white blood cells and created a symbiote-like creation that had no consciousness but gave Eddie all of his Venom powers back. Interestingly, the color scheme was also reversed but this time around Eddie had full control of the body because there was no second mind in there.


Ahh, now we move onto more familiar territory. Carnage is the offspring of Venom, the symbiote combined with Cletus Kasady’s bloodstream to give birth to the villain. Carnage is brutal, his tendrils are deadly and he is more resistant than another symbiote because he is in the bloodstream. This means that Carnage does not have to be limited in the form he wants to take. Add to this the fact that Kasady is a brutal serial killer and you have a recipe for disaster. It is no wonder that Venom is so scared of Carnage in the new trailer for Venom 2.


Venom is probably the most iconic symbiote in the marvel comics. He is also a very staple character of the Spider-Man comics. The things that Eddie Brock and Venom have done together are gut-wrenchingly gross and downright brutal. This is who Venom is, his strength and his tenacity are almost unrivaled in the symbiote world. The pair even defeated the King of the symbiote and took his position for a short while. Venom also hates Spider-Man but that is more to do with Eddie than the symbiote himself.


Toxin is another of Carnage’s spawn but the important bit is that he is the 1000th spawn in his lineage. It may not mean much to a human but the symbiote seems terrified by the prospect. Venom and carnage commented that this symbiote had the power to rival Knull, the king in black. This is a terrifying prospect that will become clearer with the next entry. Suffice to say VENOM was so scared of the symbiote potential that he took him under his wing and decided to train him into a symbiote Superhero just like him.

Knull, King in black

Knull was one of the first things to exist in the universe, even before the big bang. The big bag happened and null was disappeared so he created the first symbiote and transmuted it into a sword. Then to display the power of this necro sword he used it to behead a celestial. The King in black was so strong that it took the entire multiverse’s strength to bring him to his knees. Even then, his horde had to be controlled so the mantle passed to Venom. It is prudent to mention here the king in black is the entity that manages the horde, for without him they would consume everything.

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