WandaVision: Why The Stark Missile Didn’t Explode?

Why The Stark Missile Didn’t Explode?

WandaVision episode 8 dwelled on Wanda’s traumatic past. Agatha opened the gates to her severe losses and made her re-live them. It is true that Wanda has suffered a great loss. She first lost her parents, then her brother. Moreover, she had to see her love, Vision, die twice. The first time Wanda had to kill Vision herself to prevent Thanos from acquiring the Mind Stone. Anyway, Thanos reversed time. He got rid of Wanda and snapped the Mind Stone out of Vision. All this provoked Wanda to run away, and start an alternate reality in Westview.

Agatha Harkness was surprised by the level of her loss. No, she did not have any sympathy for her. Let’s focus on a scene during the Sokovian flashback. Wanda and Pietro hide under a bed looking at the rubble. Right before they plan to escape, a missile with the name “Stark Industries” lands in front of them. Wanda tells Agatha that it was faulty. To which Agatha says that it was her magic that prevented the missile from going off.

Why The Stark Missile Didn't Explode

Wanda believed that the missile was faulty. Agatha theorized that Wanda used a “probability hex” on the bomb. This allowed the Maximoff twins to avoid the same fate as their parents. Only if Wanda knew that she was going to lose her parents in a split second, she could have saved them too. This suggests that Wanda can alter the reality around her. She does this by changing the probability of something happening. Wanda simply tips the scale in her favor to achieve whatever she wants. For example, breaking into SWORD’s headquarter. Or even bringing her dead synthezoid husband back to life.

Even though it helped Wanda, it has drawbacks too. Wanda was never fully aware of her powers until now. She is now aware of what Chaos Magic is capable of. The focus on probability is similar to the powers of Nexus Beings from the pages of Marvel Comics. Nexus Beings are capable of altering the timeline of manipulating probability. Only one Nexus Being exists within each alternate reality. The usage of the “probability hex” in WandaVision could suggest that Wanda is a Nexus Being.

Nexus Beings are an odd concept. Scarlet Witch was a Nexus Being previously in the comics. Kang the Conqueror is also a Nexus Being. The ability to alter timelines that Wanda possesses makes sense in WandaVision. She constantly switches through television eras, displaying her powers of a Nexus Being. She is not limited only to this. Wanda’s powers alter everything that enters the Hex. So much so, that it alters according to the time period. It seems that Wanda can alter timelines in a contained area. The character that embodies the role of Nexus Being personifies the reality in which they exist, with no two able to exist in the same realm at once.

Scarlet Witch is supposed to be a mythic figure, as said by Agatha Harkness too. This suggests that only Nexus Being exists in one reality. If there were to be two, the mantle gets passed on. All this suggests that Nexus Beings exist in the multiverse. They manifest different traits in different characters to fit their alternate universe.

The usage of Nexus Beings would also tie back to the commercial from episode 7. It features a particular commercial consisting of a medicinal capsule called ‘Nexus’ that “anchor(s) you back to your reality… or the reality of your choice.” The exact meaning of the commercial as bright as day. But the Nexus name still lives in the air around the commercial. If Wanda is a Nexus Being, it would explain her abilities. It makes the conundrum more clear that she created Westview and achieved a temporary state of happiness.

It has already been established that Wanda is powerful in her own right. But it is believed that she has higher powers that she will tap into. Maybe this will happen while she fights Agatha Harkness. When she does, she will tap into her Nexus Being powers. If that happens, she will be the strongest in all Avengers. Marvel is notoriously famous for hiding Easter eggs in plain sight. It would be no surprise if the WandaVision series finale establishes that Wanda is almost next to god.

If the concept of Nexus Being is introduced, there will be a chance that others will also make an appearance. Not in WandaVision, but other MCU projects. Only one Nexus Being exists in one reality. Perhaps Wanda’s multiverse-hopping shenanigans in Doctor Strange 2 could be thwarted were she to come into contact with another being like herself.

WandaVision finale episode 9 will feature on Disney+ this Friday.

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