10 Most Powerful Telepaths In Marvel

Telepaths are slightly different from telekinesis users; telekinesis users can manipulate objects and matter with the use of their minds. But telepathy users can tap into the human brain and read their innermost desires, their thoughts, their memories and even communicate with them without actually opening their mouth through telepathic abilities. These abilities generally develop due to mutation at birth or because of superhuman powers in some cases. Marvel has a plethora of individuals who have been employing their telepathic powers to do deeds in the Marvel universe to achieve certain objectives or rather get a bunch of people to do their bidding, no questions asked. Below is a list of the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel universe.


Powerful telepaths in MCU
Powerful telepaths in MCU

Namor aka the sub-mariner is sort of a superhero and an anti-hero depending on his mood or the conflict he seems to have while choosing what ideologies to follow. Namor is a different sort of telepathy, he is capable of not only communicating with humans telepathically but also all of the ocean’s creatures. He is Marvel’s answer to Aquaman.


Children of Marvel Superheroes

David Charles Haller is the disturbed offspring of Charles Xavier and Doctor Gabrielle Haller. David has a symptom called multiple personality disorder and as David himself may not have his power he alters ego’s or the multiple personalities within him have different powers depending on the alter ego that takes place of David. He is considered to be an Omega-level mutant and quite powerful at that, but is not given much consideration as he tends to lose control.


Gladiator vs Hyperion vs The Sentry
Gladiator vs Hyperion vs The Sentry

Robert “Bob” Reynolds is Marvel’s answer to DC’s Superman and probably kind of an overpowered one. His abilities range from Molecular manipulation to superhuman strength, from Teleportation to telepathy the list can practically keep going on and might never get over.


Children of Marvel Superheroes
Powerful telepaths in MCU

Son of Cyclops and half-brother to Rachel Summers, Cable is a futuristic soldier trained in all modern forms of hand-to-hand combat. He gets his telepathic abilities from his X-gene. The cable is also able to connect with any form of technology due to his right eye having technology-friendly powers allowing him to interact with any technology of any era even it dates back to a time before his birth.

Franklin Richards

Things About Franklin Richards

Franklin Benjamin Richards is the son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman and the older brother of Valeria Richards, Franklin is a mutant who surpasses the omega level with his vast array of reality manipulation, psionic abilities, pyro abilities, telekinesis, telepathy, and the list can practically go on.

Rachel Summers

Marvel’s Telekinetic Mutants Powerful telepaths in MCU
Powerful telepaths in MCU

Rachel Anne Summers is the daughter of Cyclops and Jean Gey Summers from an alternate version f the X-Men narrative. She has gained her mother’s telekinetic and telepathic abilities along with an upgraded version of the phoenix force which she can control since birth. Although, Rachel Summers phoenix abilities have not yet been mentioned in detail.


Apart from an adept telepathic user Mantis is also a skilled martial artist and is extremely skilled at hand-to-hand combat. Mantis has been known to bring the fiercest of the beings like the mad Titan Thanos under her control. Mantis is also known to employ her powers to calm the most aggressive beings and calm their nerves and sometimes even knock them out to sleep.

Doctor Strange

Powerful telepaths in MCU
Powerful telepaths in MCU

Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange took on the role of the Sorcerer Supreme from the Ancient One and has become the first line of defense on earth against any mystical threats. Being trained in the skills of performing mystic arts Doctor Strange is also an adept martial artist and in a certain incident had sent Dormammu crying back to where he came from.

Professor X

Smartest Mutants in Marvel Comics

Charles Francis Xavier was probably the first omega level telepath in the marvel comics, along with his genius intellect he was known to head the school for training and nurturing new mutants and helping them find a place in the world. Charles has also been credited with the creation of the Cerebro which enhances his abilities to track down mutants with the X-gene and guide them to the university through telepathically communicating with them and in some cases also enhance psionic energies in mutants who already have them.

Jean Grey

Marvel Superheroes Betrayed Fans And Became Villains
Marvel’s Telekinetic Mutants

Jean Grey Summers is probably the most powerful telepathic user in the Marvel universe, her powers have been known to surpass even those of Charles Xavier using the Cerebro. Let’s also keep in mind that Jean also is capable of summoning the cosmic force of the Dark Phoenix. This cosmic strand of power has been employed by Jean on multiple occasions to escape death and always comeback post-resurrection or through some other means related to the phoenix force.

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