10 Characters Who Sacrificed Themselves To Save The Day

The plain motive of any movie is that hero defeats evil or the villain. However, sometimes the storytellers spice things up with the story plot and bring in additional loops within the story. In many iterations of certain narratives, the antagonist hatches such an evil plot that even the protagonist is unable to put a stop to the evil plans through his/her regular strategies. This list deals with the characters of the movie, who had to go to extremes to achieve peace. In these case scenarios, the hero feels so utterly powerless, that he wishes to give up his life to save the life of thousands of people. The content also deals with heroes killing their demented clones, who seem to have been fed different lies. Here is a list of characters Who sacrificed themself to save the day.

Lincoln Six-Echo – The Island

Characters Sacrificed Themself

Michael Bay’s eventful sci-fi thriller revolves around the plot of clones being created by ‘Sponsors’, to harvest their healthy organs later. The plot witnesses Lincoln Echo-Six (Ewan McGregor) face off with his sponsor and slid a tag of his identity as a clone into his sponsor’s pocket. The sponsor is shot dead, assuming he is a clone and the actual clone goes and puts an end to the entire scheme.

Joe- Looper

Characters Sacrificed Themself
Characters Sacrificed Themself

This story’s plot revolves around undesirable people being sent into the past and murdered by assassins known as ‘Loopers’. But, to avoid any loose ends and to ‘close the loop’, a looper’s final assignment is to assassinate their own future retired selves. The antagonist in the final phase shoots himself to avoid any deaths and a chaotic future.

Nebula – Avengers: Endgame

In the Avengers: Endgame, we witness the future Nebula shoot her older self to save her sister Gamora. The same sister who similar to her old self a few years back wanted to kill Gamora. All this is quite unsettling for Gamora, as she is the same character, but from an older timeline. Where she knew Nebula to be filled with hatred against her.

Superman – Superman III

The movie was a big shocker, but the subplot was kind of amusing to watch. Superman comes in contact with ‘Synthetic Kryptonite’ and becomes evil. He does everything that Superman would not generally do. In the final battle at a junkyard, we witness the good Superman and the evil Superman split into two different entities and the good Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve) throws the evil Superman into oblivion.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard – Star Trek: Nemesis

The movie plot witnesses the Captain come face to face with his evil clone, who was created by the Romulans. The Romulans’ agenda was to implant the clone as their mole in the Federation. The plot witnesses Captain Jean-Luc Picard, impale his clone to put a stop to his madness and evil plot.

The T-800 – Terminator Genisys

Terminator Genisys used the original Terminator 2 as a retcon and built an awesome storyline from thereon. In the movie we witness ‘Pops’ take down his form old self while going through certain issues himself. In the final scene, we witness Sarah Connor (younger self) shoot the newly arrived T-800 in the chest. The shot was made by an Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM) gun using a magnum bullet.

Deadpool – Deadpool 2

Characters Sacrificed Themself
Characters Sacrificed Themself

In this case, we might be stretching the meaning of ‘Win’ a bit. In Deadpool 2, we witness Deadpool use Cable’s tech to go back in time and bring back his wife whilst killing Ryan Reynolds just before he can sign the Green Lantern movie. Now that’s called an epic ‘Win’.

Luke Skywalker – The Empire strikes back

In the plot scene, we witness Luke being attacked by Darth Wader. But somehow, he can take a swing at Darth Vader’s head with his lightsaber and pluck it clean off. The next scene shows Luke staring at a head that looks identical to his face. This sequence hints at the famous dialogue made famous by this franchise which is quoted as “I am your Father”.

Groot – The Guardian of the Galaxy

Characters Sacrificed Themself
Characters Sacrificed Themself

In the first sequel of the movie, towards the end, the Guardians are trapped in Ronan’s ship. The ship seems to have taken heavy damage and seems to be plummeting towards the surface of Xandar. Groot understanding the gravity of the situation forms a sphere made out of his own body to protect the Guardians. His self-sacrifice can save the Guardians from the crash and take on Ronan.

Tony Stark – Avengers: Endgame

In the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, we witness a fight between Thanos and Stark for the possession of the infinity stones. Stark takes a hit from Thanos while managing to take the infinity stones from Thanos. Without letting him notice the sleight of hand. In the final move, Tony Stark quotes “I am Iron Man” and wipes out Thanos from existence.

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