WandaVision Opening Credits Hints At The Arrival of Terrifying Big Bad

WandaVision is out on the floor now for people to watch on Disney+. Marvel has kicked off its phase 4 with WandaVision, and the fans are more excited than ever. Olsen described the original meeting she had with Feige about the idea to do WandaVision as a Disney+ show, and she revealed some important information. According to the actress, the show will explore where the Scarlet Witch originally came from. She said,

“Kevin told me he wanted to merge two different comic series as inspiration. He explained the series would show how Wanda is originally from an Eastern European country and grew up on American black-market products like television.”

Marvel boss Kevin Feige has revealed that WandaVision will commercials in it with a unique Marvel Cinematic Universe twist and referential connections to the past movies. However, a brand-new element that will further cement WandaVision’s commitment to its new format has now been confirmed. Speaking with ComicBook during a WandaVision press conference, Feige states the show will have commercials. They won’t be merely promoting a brand, however, or trying to sell viewers a product. Instead, the commercials will have connections to specific characters and events from Wanda and Vision’s past, as well as the MCU as a whole.

In the shown, they’re revealed to be living a happily married lifestyle inside a 1950s sitcom, which in reality is an alternate world constructed by Wanda. One-shot, highlighted by Twitter user @Maxxw_, shows what looks to be the helmet worn by a Marvel Comics character called Grim Reaper. It arrives at the 03:27 mark of episode two. As suggested by his name, he is a villain whose arrival to the MCU spells trouble for everybody. Grim Reaper’s real name is Eric Williams and is closely linked to Vision as he continuously attempts to lead him to villainy.

The story goes that the brainwaves of his deceased brother, the superhero known as Wonder Man, helped create Vision. After Wonder Man dies while helping the Avengers, Grim Reaper then vows to kill them all. One theory, posted by HN Entertainment, claims that the villain could be taking the form of a character in the pair’s sitcom world, who will ultimately lead a rally against their presence.

The other villain whose appearance in the MCU is more than likely is Mephisto, who seems to be behind Wanda’s world-creating antics. He features in the House of M comics storyline, which is hinted at as the main inspiration behind the series in episode one.

As such, they serve as unique diversions from the story and will be an array of Easter eggs that reward longtime MCU fans.

Feige’s full comment was,

”Commercial was an early idea for [WandaVision]. If this is the very first Marvel, MCU thing you’re watching, it’s just a strange version of the 50s or 60s commercial. If you have been watching all those movies, you might be able to start connecting what all those things mean from the past.”

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