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20 Times Thor Proved To Star Lord That Who Is Really Incharge

Avengers Infinity War brought us the two peculiar and most perfect duo of Star-Lord and Thor. The Insecurities Peter Quill had after seeing Thor was hilarious. And now that Thor has joined him and the Guardians we cannot be happier. These two on the adventure sounds totally fun. Check out these memes in which Thor proves to Star-Lord who really is in charge:

1.  LOL!!

2. Aww, Rabbit!!

3. Yes, Of Course!!

4. Copying Him!!

5. Crystal Blue Eyes!!

6. Bye Quill!!

7. Totally!!

8. Seriously!!

9. Nooo!!

10. A Handsome Muscular Man!!

11. Oh Yeah!!

12. U Better Get Your Abs Back, Quill!!

13. Haha!!!

14. Spider-Man’s Reaction Says It All!!

15. Oh Starlord!!

16. Smooth Takeover!!

17. Crazy!!

18. Are You Really!!!

19. You Guys!!

20. Star-Lord Who?

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