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20 Hilarious Memes If Avengers Had John Wick In Their Team Against Thanos

Avengers’ final assemble finally killed the Mad Titan but the action took the bigger sacrifices of all time. But what makes these movies more interesting is when fans combine one movie universe with the other. Just imagine what would have happened if John Wick got to know that the reason for his dog’s disappearance is Thanos’ Snap, he would have killed him by just using his pencil. Literally made me laugh, just to imagine this scenario. Check out these funniest ways with which John Wick could have taken revenge for his dog’s death by killing Thanos in his own style:

1. And The Mind Is Blown!!

2. Woah!!


3. Avenge of The Wick!!

4. Oh No!!

5. Avengers Level Threat!!


6. LOL!!

7. John Wick Joins The Avengers!!

8. Pencil Weapon!!


9. Literally!!


10. Oops!!

11. Internet’s Sweetheart!!

12. Woah!!

Memes If Avengers Had John Wick

13. Holy Wick!!


14. That’s The Trick!!


15. Amazing!!

Memes If Avengers Had John Wick

16. You Have No Idea!!

17. Keep Your Money Safe!!

Memes If Avengers Had John Wick

18. Awesome!!

19. Is It, Though!!

20. No No!

Memes If Avengers Had John Wick

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