Which Infinity Stone is the Most Powerful in the MCU?

MCU had a time span of 10 years till we got the final endgame. This final endgame revolved around the Infinity Stones. The wielder of Infinity Stones becomes the most powerful being in the universe. We saw that in Infinity War when Thanos snapped half the universe out of existence. Then in Endgame, Hulk bought back everyone snapped by wielding the stones. Finally, and sadly, Tony sacrificed himself and wiped out Thanos and his army from existence. In comics, 11 Infinity stones/gems have been featured at various points in times. Till now, we have seen 6 Infinity Stones, in the MCU. They are Time, Reality, Space, Power, Mind, and Soul.

Infinity Stones Mismatched
Infinity Stones Could Have Mismatched

Now, which Infinity Stone among them is the most powerful?

Many theorists believe that is is the Soul Stone. Some comics also pointed towards it. In one comic series in Infinity Wars #4, we see how soul stone can be used to not only create, or kill souls, but it can even merge them. It is basically, control over life and death to an extent (not completely). But that doesn’t mean it is the most powerful.

The most powerful stone in the MCU is the Time Stone. The reason is simple, the time stone allows the wielder to move back and forth in time. The wielder is basically a time master. As we saw in Infinity War, the stone even allows Doctor Strange to see the future and alternate realities as well.

Now, in comics, it has been revealed that Agamotto, the first Sorcerer Supreme, who created the Time Stone, was the one who helped hide all the other Infinity Stones across the universe. Thus, its powers are no joke.

Doctor strange do without the time stone

“Dormammu, I’m here to bargain” is a line every Marvel fan loves. Now, that showed another power of the Time Stone. It can trap enemies in unending time loops. Since, using the stone you can master time, it gives control over the age of the wielder as well. But, one of the most powerful uses of the stone is it allows the wielder to exist at all points in time simultaneously.

Now, the second stone which comes closes to Time Stone in its power is the Space Stone. This stone allows the wielder to go from one portal in the universe to another. Now, in the comics, the Space Stone has been the most powerful of all. Because, we have only seen one aspect of the space stone in movies, i.e. teleportation. Space Stone gives the wielder complete control over the space. Now, that also gives the person wielding it super-speed, as the wielder can move across space as fast as they can. It was the Space stone that gave Captain Marvel her powers. No security measures like walls, magical spells, etc can affect the Space Stone.

So, it boils down to Space Stone vs Time Stone. The use of Time Stone is well supported by Space stone because this actually allows the wielder to be anywhere and at any time in space. Furthermore, possession of Time Stone allows more power over Reality Stone. The reason is simple, the reality stone allows the wielder to change or reshape reality, re-write the laws of physics and gravity. Now, the time stone will allow the user to create alternate realities at the same time. It will give control over all these dimensions and mastering the time at the same time in every dimension.

So, together with Space, Time, and Reality will make the wielder a master of all realities, universe, and time. Meaning it gives complete control over multiverse which exists.

Some fans might argue about the mind stone and its power giving abilities to Scarlet Witch, who is the most powerful Avengers right now. But, as opposed to mind stone, since Time Stone allows power over time (because it makes the being immortal in a way), the throne has to go to time stone. Of course, Space Stone’s all powers weren’t explored yet in the MCU. Now, we don’ t know if Infinity Stone will play a role in future MCU movies or not. But given their importance in the comics, and upcoming movies like Eternals, or Doctor Strange 2, we might see more of these stones.

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