Top 10 Most Loved Breakout TV Characters of All Time

Breakout TV Characters:

No one could have ever anticipated the amount of love these characters get from the fans, simply because they are the most unlikely candidates. Most of these characters were written as temporary characters, but the fans loved them so much that they ultimately made their shows all about themselves. The majority of fans tune in because of these breakout characters, who even overshadow the lead character sometimes.

#10: Steve Urkel

Loved Geeks in TV Shows

Played By: Jaleel White

TV Show: Family Matters

The nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel was introduced as a one-time character but he had such a great impact on the audience that he became a regular and the entire show revolved around him. The character is hilarious and full of weird antics. He managed to make the show all about himself.

#9: Spock

Played By: Leonard Nimoy

TV Show: Star Trek: The Original Series

Spock is without a doubt the most talked-about Star Trek character of all time and Leonard Nimoy’s spectacular performance is a big reason for that. He always thinks about the greater good and his logical mind has saved others countless times. He showed a lot of emotions for an emotionless person.

#8: Castiel

Breakout TV Characters

Played By: Misha Collins

TV Show: Supernatural

Supernatural was all about the Winchester brothers until this Angel came along. No one thought that we would ever love a character from Supernatural as much as the brothers, but Castiel proved us wrong. He is among the last few good souls present in this show and he is always willing to do the right thing, even if it endangers his life.

#7: The Janitor

Played By: Neil Flynn

TV Show: Scrubs

Scrubs is a sitcom full of hilarious characters and making a name for yourself among them is a big thing. The character was promoted to a series regular just after the first season as the fans loved it when he pulled pranks on JD. His tendency to lie is hilarious and we love his anecdotes.

#6: Saul Goodman

Played By: Bob Odenkirk

TV Show: Breaking Bad

Saul Goodman brought the much-needed comic relief in the legendary TV show Breaking Bad. Fans loved the character so much that AMC decided to make a Spin-off about him, and Better Call Saul is turning out to be more than worthy. Saul is a sly and cunning lawyer that can get you out of any mess in the most creative manner.

#5: Daryl Dixon

Breakout TV Characters

Played By: Norman Reedus

TV Show: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is full of badass characters like Rick, Carol, Michonne, etc. but none of them could match Daryl’s awesomeness. Daryl is not a part of the original comics as he was specifically created for the show, and that makes him even more noteworthy. Don’t let his brooding personality throw you off, as he cares a lot more than you think.

#4: Sheldon Cooper

Breakout TV Characters

Played By: Jim Parsons

TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper is the Genius among Geniuses and no one can match his quirks. This character has a very big hand behind the success of this amazing sitcom. Even though he is super annoying at times, we cannot imagine the show without him. This character has grown a lot over the years in front of us, but he still won’t give you his coveted spot.

#3: Ron Swanson

Played By: Nick Offerman

TV Show: Parks and Recreation

Ron Swanson is one of the manliest characters to ever appear on television. His love for Bacon and Cigars is never-ending. We love him for his no-nonsense attitude. He cares a lot about others even though it doesn’t seem like it on the surface.

#2: Dwight Schrute

Loved Geeks in TV Shows

Played By: Rainn Wilson

TV Show: The Office

Dwight Schrute, The Assistant ‘to’ the Regional manager, has everything dialed up to the extreme. His intensity and passion know no bounds and no one can match his awesomeness. He seemed crazy at the beginning but later he transformed into one of the most loved TV characters of all time.

#1: Barney Stinson

Played By: Neil Patrick Harris

TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother owes almost all of its comedy scenes to Barney Stinson. He is a legend when it comes to picking up girls and there is hardly any other character who matches his charisma. He is outrageously funny and he is without a doubt legend…wait for it…Dary!

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