Dragon Ball Super’s True Villain is Someone We All Know Too Well But Never Saw Coming

Dragon Ball Super’s True Villain:

As Dragon Ball has matured over the years, the villains that Goku has fought have become more and more powerful and the stakes at play have steadily increased to cosmic levels. Dragon Ball Super took those stakes sky high when the fate of not just one universe but the entire multiverse hung in the balance. The warriors of Universe 7 managed to do the impossible and defeat the warriors hailing from the other universes in a grand display of combat prowess and fighting spirit.

Dragon Ball Super's True Villain

In the end, almost all the universes, even some of the ones that were eliminated, ended up being wished back by the Super Dragon Balls. And yet there is someone responsible for the entire fiasco remains at large today. The sinister being we are talking about might already be planning his next move.

Dragon Ball Super's True Villain

And what makes it even worse is that the villain has been masquerading as a good guy all along!! He has been hiding in plain sight. To pull off a stunt of this caliber requires skill, patience, and strength of incredible levels. And only one being who is in an actual position to do this. Can you guess which closet super villain we might be referring to here? Who is evil enough to lie on everybody’s faces all the while pulling the strings from behind the curtains like a sinister puppet master?

We are talking about the Grand Priest!!!

And there might be a few too many valid reasons for what we claim here. Only the Grand Priest has the position and authority to pull something like this. As the father of all the Angels, he sits atop all the Angel attendants and has the most experience when it comes to coming up with such a plan. After watching all these universes rip themselves apart, imploding from the inside, the Grand Priest aka the Grand Minister came up with such a sinister plan to wipe all of creation and start things afresh, where he could have a free hand at creating and controlling life as he had always envisioned it to have been.

But he cannot do that on his own. If you guys are forgetting, the final authority in creating and destroying all cradles of cosmos that houses all the universes across the multiverse lie with not the Grand Priest but Zeno – the Omni Kin, the Supreme Ruler of the Multi-Verse and the ruler of all things that ever were, are and will be.

Dragon Ball Super's True Villain

The Grand Priest is perhaps the second most powerful figure in the Multi-Verse. But it does not take a genius to figure out how he could have his way with all the worlds. For him to ensure the events of the Universe Survival arc and the Tournament of Power take place, all he needed to do was give the Future Zeno and the Grand Zeno a little nudge in the right direction. The grand Priest ladies and gentlemen did not use his angelic powers to achieve this feat. All he did was tap into some pretty basic human emotions of manipulation and cunningness.

That is the theory that was proposed by a Reddit user name Redditor Biggie6469. This particular theory states that it was the Grand Priest who came up with the idea of pitting one universe against the other. Since he has almost spent an eternity with the Omni King, the Grand Priest knows how to and when to push all the right buttons to make the Omni King dance to his tunes. The fact that the Omni King has a very childish, no damn given, careless nature also helped the Grand Priest in enacting his plans with absolute efficiency. The theory claims that the Omni King was not the one who proposed putting the universes at stake. The idea of erasing a universe provided the warriors of that universe lost to another one was something that only a person as sinister as the Grand Priest could propose.

Dragon Ball Super's True Villain

Grand Zeno and Future Zeno only saw the entire martial arts competition as a joke of a game, something they could be entertained with as they bid time. It was nothing more than a hobby for them. But for the Grand Priest, it was the most crucial part of his strategy to rewrite creation, something he wanted to do all along. The Grand Priest even gave both the Omni Kings tablets to better observe the battle.

Dragon Ball Super's True Villain

All he ever wanted was to keep the Grand Zeno and the Future Zeno occupied while he worked from behind the scenes. As one universe after the other vanished after being defeated, even the Gods of Destruction were erased from existence since they too belonged to the same universe. But surprisingly, their Angel attendants were not erased out of existence.

Was it Coincidence? We think not. There are greater forces at play here.

But why would the Grand Priest go to such an extent to ensure there is so much genocide at play, with billions upon billions of lives lost just because a universe’s Warriors lost to another universe’s warriors in a battle? Remember how we talked about the Angel Attendants being spared from being erased from existence? All the Angel Attendants, even though they are more powerful than any mortal could ever be, are forced to perform a specific duty – serve the Gods of Creation and Destruction at all costs. Even though the Angels are far more powerful than the entities they serve, they are relegated to the position of a servant/assistant. And according to this theory, the Grand Priest finds this fate truly demeaning.

Dragon Ball Super's True Villain

Maybe that is why the Grand Priest kept a sly smile all over his face every time a universe was wiped out by the flick of a finger by Grand and Future Zeno. He probably believed the ultra-genocide was justified because it freed his children from a life of unnecessary and eternal servitude.

The other more obvious reason might be that the Grand Priest could be finding the growing power of the mortals a threat to the authority that the Gods hold. That was the very season the evil Kaio-Shin of Universe 10 – Zamasu went rogue. There were already mortal warriors who had surpassed the Gods. Toppo was a potential God of Destruction candidate who was poised to replace Belmod as the new God of Destruction of Universe 11. Jiren was touted to be even more powerful than his Universe’s God of Destruction.

Dragon Ball Super's True Villain

Goku had already fought Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, on an equal footing by using the power of Super Saiyan God. Both Goku and Vegeta had acquired the power of Super Saiyan Blue, which was a far more powerful version of Super Saiyan God. The true icing on the cake was Goku achieving the impossible feat of mastering Ultra Instinct – an ability that was once exclusive to the Gods, which earned him a standing ovation from all the Gods of Destruction during the Tournament of power.

The Tournament of Power is over. But the Grand Priest was never caught. If the theory is true, this time, not just the universe but the entire multiverse might be at threat. The Omni King has decided to take his nap. Beerus, who is a God of Destruction, once took a nap that lasted for multiple decades. The Omni King’s naps will last for at least several centuries. That is ample time for the Grand Priest to enact the next phase of his plans. Goku and the rest of the Z fighters might be in absolute peril because believe it or not, the Grand Priest is coming for them all. If the Grand Priest and his Angelic progeny turn out to be the true villains of the series, then there might be an epic clash between Heaven and Earth in order.

Brace yourselves!!

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