10 Facts About Dragon Ball Vegeta we Bet You Never Even Knew

Facts About Dragon Ball Vegeta:

Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans and the King of Warriors in the Dragon Ball Universe. As one of the most fan-favorite characters in the anime, Vegeta has garnered a steady fan following over the years. He has blossomed into a true God in due course of time. It is time to learn more about the Saiyan Prince.

 1. Still has his Majin Powers

Facts About Dragon Ball Vegeta

The Majin powers are special in the Dragon Ball Universe. A power bestowed by the sorcerer Babidi, the Mjain abilities grant a user to unlock their hidden potential by forcing them to let go of all of their materialistic attachments and gain power beyond their wildest imaginations. When Vegeta was granted the Majin power, he became the Demon Prince Vegeta and proved more than a match for Goku in his Super Saiyan 2 form.

In the end, it turned out to be all a ruse and Vegeta actually had the mental strength to resist Babidi’s influence. Vegeta died protecting his friends and family and he was soon resurrected. Vegeta did not lose his Majin Powers though. Through rigorous training, he regained his Majin abilities.

 2. His name is actually the name of the Saiyan Home World

Facts About Dragon Ball Vegeta

The Saiyan Home World is no more. Earlier during their height of power, the Saiyan Empire was the capital of power in the Universe. The Saiyans were seen as agents of destruction and no alien force would even dare try attacking them. Their Home World was the bastion of Saiyan strength. And coincidentally, the Saiyan Planet also shares the same name as that of Vegeta. Vegeta’s father is also called Vegeta. Saiyans do not have last names so this kind of makes things very confusing for the Saiyans when trying to address each other. There is also baby Vegeta, Future Vegeta, and even Vegeta Junior.

 3. He is actually being considered to be the next God of Destruction

In the Universe, their lies a mantle that is given only to the most powerful of all warriors! It is called the God of Destruction. Currently, the owner of that title is Beerus, this Universe’s current God of Destruction. The introduction of Beerus opened a huge can of worms for the Dragon Ball Warriors. There are now multiple universes with each universe having its own God of Destruction! When White decided to take on Vegeta as his protégé to train him into unlocking new levels of his Super Saiyan Power, Vegeta impressed him so much that he even recommended that Vegeta is a candidate who is strong enough to become a contender for the title of the Universe’s new God of Destruction after Beerus.

 4. The Oldest of the Z Fighters

There might be some dissenting voices by now. Vegeta might not look like the oldest of all Z Fighters. But here is the picture. Master Roshi can no longer be considered a Z Fighter since he was out of the picture by the time Dragon Ball Z happened. Majin Buu and the Kais are well over 1000 years old but they do not count. Goku was born when Vegeta was already five. Krillin is four years younger than Vegeta.

Yamcha and Tien were born in the Age 733. Piccolo is not even in the race. We have to consider the fact that Vegeta spent many, many years training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, where Time runs really slowly compared to the real world. This means that Vegeta is actually at least a year older or maybe more to any Z Fighter in existence.

 5. He has a younger brother

Vegeta actually has a Younger Brother called Tarble. The guy made his only appearance in the Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return OVA back in 2008. Tarble is unlike Vegeta. He hates fighting and which is why he was sent out of the Saiyan Home World and kept out of reach of the bad guys who would try to get back at Vegeta by hurting Tarble.

Tarble is seldom mentioned by Vegeta because he wants him to remain a secret and as his elder brother, he considers it his duty to keep Tarble safe. The younger sibling to Vegeta has not made any appearance in the anime after that. When the Z Fighters wanted to summon the Super Saiyan God Transformation, Bulma asked whether they could consider Tarble as the sixth pure-hearted Saiyan to be considered for completing the ritual.

6. He can survive unaided in Space

Noa Saiyan cannot survive unaided in space for indefinite amounts of time. So why do we claim that Vegeta can do that? There is a reason we are willing to say that. Vegeta once got out of his Saiyan Pod and went on to destroy the planet Arlia. Both Nappa and Vegeta were seen floating in the vacuum of space without any fear of being suffocated due to lack of oxygen.

Facts About Dragon Ball Vegeta

But turns out, Saiyans can actually survive in space for far longer than you think. Saiyans have a heightened lung capacity and using that, they can survive in deep space or deep underwater. Dragon Ball explained that plot hole after a long time and we could not be more than happy. The reason Goku did not survive Namek’s destruction is that his lung capacity is not infinite.

 7. Goku has actually never beaten Vegeta

The rivalry that exists between Goku and Vegeta is the very crux of Dragon Ball now. Vegeta and Goku have traded fists for far too many times than we would care to count. And to everybody’s surprise, Goku has never actually managed to defeat Vegeta. The first time Vegeta and Goku fought, Vegeta turned the tide after turning into his Great Ape form.

Later during the Buu Saga, Goku fights Demon Prince Vegeta and there too suffers a catastrophic defeat. Even when Goku faces the Copy Vegeta from Universe 6, there was never a clear winner of the two. Vegeta may always be screaming about how his skills are inferior to Goku’s but it sure does not look like it.

 8. Killed the Entire Ginyu Force

The Ginyu Force is made up of Frieza’s most elite soldiers. And Vegeta is responsible for killing each and every member of the team. He beheads Guldo, uses an energy wave to kill Recoome. Burter is killed after Vegeta snaps his neck. Jeice is beaten to death by Vegeta in single combat. Captain Ginyu manages to escape Vegeta’s deadly wrath. After the swaps minds with a toad, Ginyu somehow manages to survive. Ginyu is later seen finally swapping bodies with Tagoma, Frieza’s most powerful Soldier. Gohan defeats Ginyu but spares him. Vegeta decides to not be that merciful and ends Ginyu’s life in one swift stroke.

 9. His Great Ape Form

Saiyans now go Super Saiyan level 1, 2, 3, Blue, Black and so on like it is a piece of cake. But before the power-ups became all the rage, there was only one transformation amongst the Saiyans that acted as their trump cards. It was the Great Ape Form. Under certain conditions, the Saiyans can transform into huge apes that can spew energy blasts from their mouth and are also almost invincible.

But there is a catch – no Saiyan can actually control that much power and after transforming into a giant gorilla, they end up losing control. But not Vegeta!! He is one of the select few elites amongst the Saiyans who can actually control his great Ape Form and manages to conserve his sentience and sense of self even after transforming.

 10. He is a great cook

Facts About Dragon Ball Vegeta

To be counted amongst the universe’s greatest fighters requires you to have certain skills that most of the sentient life forms in the universe will not possess. A well-toned physique and the physical endurance and stamina to withstand harsh and inhuman punishments are certainly one of the attributes required. But did you think being good at cooking is one of them? Vegeta believes it or not, is actually a wonderful cook.

He knows a variety of dishes, both human and alien. It was first revealed during Dragon Ball Super when Vegeta actually showed his proficiency with the pan and the stove. When Beerus decides to destroy Earth, it is Vegeta’s cooking skills that actually save the day. He has also mentioned that there are several secret recipes that are within his family so it is safe to say that cooking is in his genes.

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