Justice League Snyder Cut is Being Hyped A Lot. We Might See it on HBO Max

We’ve got more than enough proof stating that the Justice League Snyder Cut exists. It is not a myth, it ain’t a made up fanboy pipe dream. It’s real and Jason Momoa has seen it! We’ve got confirmation from so many people that the Snyder had a cut that he liked and it only requires a few sequences to be edited. In fact, Zack Snyder himself confirmed that a Snyder Cut exists and it’d be upon Warner Bros. whether to release it or not.

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Justice League Snyder Cut Lois Lane Darkseid

Well, it could come out sometime as most of the world is gunning for it. WB is putting out their new streaming service to get in the game with the likes of Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. They recently announced a bunch of new exclusive content that would show up on HBO Max, and we actually think that there is a massive chance of the Justice League Snyder Cut coming to the streaming service as well. After all, it is being promoted by everyone.

Snyder Cut was better and everyone involved has agreed to it. Cirian Hinds, who voiced Steppenwolf confirmed this recently. And as mentioned above, you could actually see a spoiler-filled shot of the film where Aquaman brutally stabs Steppenwolf and it seems that he is about to toss him towards Wonder Woman. How do we know this? Well, Snyder posted an image a while back and he wrote that he would have used Wonder Woman to kill off the horned villain, or at least send him to where he came from through a Boom Tube.

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We know that Darkseid was supposed to appear at the other end of that Boom Tube, and then in the next movie the Justice League was supposed to take the fight to him. Well, none of that is happening now, but we do have a new glimor of hope for at least the Snyder Cut of Justice League as there has been quite a lot of buzz over the last weekend.

A while back, Jason Momoa called the Snyder Cut “ssssiiicccckkkkkk”. Now having appeared in an interview with MTV News, here’s what he stated:

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“I think the public needs to see it. I’m obviously indebted to Warner and DC and I don’t know how they feel about it, but as a fan, I’m very, very happy I got to see it.”

Jnkie XL confirmed that his score for Justice League was finished. Even Ray Fisher wound up posting a new image of Victor Stone from the film. At the United States, the #ReleasetheSnyderCut movement as at the top while trending on Twitter last week. It has been almost 2 years and it’s clear that the people just don’t want to stop until they’d get what they want.

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Justice League Snyder Cut Lois Lane Darkseid

If the Snyder Cut were to be completed then Zack Snyder will have to return to finish the leftover VFX and editing and WB will have to spend a bit more money on a movie that probably didn’t even break in for them. Well, having done that was precisely their own fault. But the new investment WB will have to make could actually be very advantageous for them.

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Zack Snyder

With the new investment, they could actually lure subscribers onto HBO Max by putting the film on the streaming portal. The world is crazy to see it, and this might actually be the right way given that Snyder would return to work on the film again. His vision was clearly much stronger and had a whole lot than what we ended up seeing. So, let’s just hope that WarnerMedia will actually give the Snyder Cut a go. They have to, as the entire world wants this. There is no way that WB would wind up with any more loss with Justice League. The Snyder Cut could just be a one-off thing and WB won’t have to release another Justice League film after that. This is what the fans want and they should be served.

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