First Reactions of Terminator: Dark Fate Call it the Best Sequel

Terminator: Dark Fate is less than 2 weeks away from us, and we’re glad that Arnold Schwarzenegger is gonna get a great send off from the franchise. The first reactions of Terminator: Dark Fate are in and all of them are hailing the film to be a complete spectacle. The marketing of the film hasn’t been as great, so these reactions should be a sign of relief for the fans who were a bit worried about another Terminator movie failing. Well, the word of the critics is not out yet, but still we do have the critical reactions of what we could expect from this movie.


For those who have been expecting a whole lot of Arnold, they may be a tad bit disappointed. Right from the beginning of the marketing campaign since the last year, the movie had been pushing Linda Hamilton and Mackenzie Davis, and now the ones who have seen the film are praising them a lot. Linda Hamilton is the true hero of T1, T2 & Dark Fate. Arnold gives a sizable contribution in the film, and Gabriel Luna really is awesome as the big villain of the story.

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Tim Miller really is a remarkable director. He changed the fate of Deadpool, and now it seems that he has done the same for Terminator as well. This is the final outing of Arnold as T800, and these reactions do make it seem that he has got a worthy exit from the franchise. The critics have been calling this film the greatest sequel since Judgement Day, and now we can all be happy that we’re gonna get an amazing Terminator outing after 1991!

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It’s good to hear that Tim Miller has done exactly the same thing with this franchise that JJ Abrams did with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The one thing that people come to these films for is watch great action. And that’s exactly what everyone’s hailing in this movie! James Cameron returning to the franchise has been a big bonus.

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James Cameron called Tim Miller the “best director for the job”. Last year, he explained his plans for rejuvenating the franchise and here’s what he had to say:

“You’ve got Tim Miller fresh off of Deadpool. Me coming back to the franchise almost three decades later…[we’re] coming up with crazy new stuff you’ve never seen before…One thing we kept circling around, ‘Do we want to bring Sarah back? And there is no Sarah but Linda, so how to do we talk Linda into being in this movie?” He sent her an e-mail detailing reasons why she should and why she shouldn’t do the movie so she could make a decision, noting that they “won the Super Bowl in 88 and 91.” Ultimately, the fan love for Sarah Connor was what Cameron relied on to get her back. “We asked Linda to come back and thankfully she agred and we built the story about that. Eddie Furlong is back as John. “

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Here’s what Arnold had to say about returning to the franchise:

“It’s absolutely incorrect to say I don’t need to come back. Of course I need to come back! I’m addicted to Terminator. Terminator is the movie that really launched my action movie career. I did Conan the Barbarian and then Conan the Destroyer and then Jim Cameron came to me and said I want you to do Terminator. From that moment on, everything changed in my life.” He raves about how the franchise shaped his career and the titles which followed. “I feel very indebted to Jim Cameron for having created that character.” He’s also tremendously excited that Linda Hamilton came back and Tim Miller directed it. “I think that you’ll be really surprised at this movie because it’s unbelievable and I was blown away when I saw it three weeks ago for the first time.”

Let’s see how fans find the movie.

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