The Avengers Choose Who’s Got The Better Beard – Thor or Captain America

Thor or Captain America:

Avengers: Infinity War finally brought together the two beard bros after 3 years of waiting. Thor had a massive role to play in Infinity War. As far as Cap was concerned, people anticipated quite a lot from him but he didn’t get an equal opportunity in Infinity War as compared to Iron Man and Thor. Even Doctor Strange had a bigger role to play. But what really stood out for Cap in the film was his glorious beard.

The Avengers Captain America Thor

Looking at his beard, people thought that he meant business. But his business wasn’t really that long lasting. He had a few cool moments in the film but the biggest moment was indeed his entry when he caught Proxima Midnight’s spear. Seeing the bearded super soldier did lead to a few screams. Talking about the beard, a few of the Avengers recently had a poll voting for the better beard. So, who’s got the better beard, Cap or Thor? Here’s what the fellow Avengers say:

The exchange between Captain America and Thor during the Wakandan battle was a classic. “New haircut?” “I see you’ve copied my beard!” But really, cap’s better than Thor at quite a lot of things. Who’s got the better beard? Cap. Who uses Mjolnir in a much better fashion? Cap! Who doesn’t gloat about being worthy? Captain America obviously.

The Avengers Captain America Thor

We would have loved it if Captain America had more screen time in Infinity War. The Russos promised that they’d make up for the lost screen time in Endgame, and they most definitely did. Captain America almost defeated Thanos alone. If he would have managed to put that final thunderous hammer down on Thanos, the Mad Titan would have been a goner.

The Avengers Captain America Thor

Though the problem of missing Captain America in Infinity War could have been solved quite easily by adding more scenes during the Wakandan war. What’s crazy is that the writers originally brought Captain America into the story even later than he came. His entry already felt delayed and people would have gone crazy if it was any later than what we got. Directors Joe & Anthony Russo told ET:

“Anthony – Everybody at Marvel, I think other than Joe and I, they were mad at us because we were bringing him in the movie so late. We thought it was the right spot to do it, but after a while we kind of gave into everybody’s, ‘We need more Cap!’

The Avengers Captain America Thor

Joe – He had Thor’s heroic entrance in the Wakanda battle. That was originally Cap. Our thinking was that he was on the run, nobody could find him, and so we thought that it would be this really compelling way to use the character — especially because we were trying to thin the ranks out so we could track everyone — and then we realized we had a really good spot to bring him in earlier in Scotland, to save Vision and Wanda. And so we started moving around heroic moments for characters.”

The Avengers Captain America Thor

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely further told Collider at Comic Con that they originally had planned an alternate entrance for Captain America. They said:

“McFeely – Those movies are long, they’re thick, there’s a lot going on. In Infinity War, if it’s not on the [Infinity] Stone plot, it went. Just goodbye. We had all sorts of — before Hulk smashes through the window — all sorts of ‘here’s what we’re doing now, catch up on all the people in the universe.’ There was a great [scene] — I liked it. Terrorists in the Middle East have taken a bunch of hostages, and they have bags over their heads, and they bring them in. They start taking the bags off, and they start being mean to these people, and the last bag they take off, it’s Steve Rogers. And you go, ‘Oh, they are so screwed.’

The Avengers Captain America Thor

Markus – In a way, that’s R&D that leads to the satisfaction of Steve appearing behind the train. Because we realized there’s a lot of pleasure to suddenly realizing you have Captain America there to kick somebody’s ass. And I think that vibe fed that train moment. So none of these are wasted, you just have to let them go.”

After everything, we’re glad that things happened exactly in the way that they did.

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