Kevin Feige Confirms Oscorp Will Be in MCU & Teases Nova

Spider-Man: Far From Home is running in the theatres and people are absolutely loving the film. It didn’t really reveal some of the things that we were expecting it to, but a few Easter Eggs here and there may have teased what’s coming in the future. We really expected the film to reveal who exactly bought the Avengers Tower, but it didn’t give that away. Even Kevin Feige did not tell us anything about that when asked him about that. His reply was just

“I didn’t see a sign there yet.”

Spider-Man: Far From Home Avengers Tower

People had been believing that the Avengers Tower will be turned into Oscorp. That would have made a lot of sense considering the fact that he has always been a major Spider-Man villain, and even though the MCU hasn’t been repeating any Spider-Man villains that have been used before, Marvel may still wanna bring Spider-Man’s greatest villain into the picture. interviewed Kevin Feige and Spider-Man: Far From Home executive producer Eric Caroll, and they addressed the Oscorp Rumors.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Norman Osborn

Here’s how the talk went:

“CB: I don’t know how much of all of this stuff that’s online you read. There was a rumor a couple weeks ago. Somebody said “Oscorp.” Do you ever read that stuff, and just want to say something? Or are you just like, “All right, the speculation actually kind of fuels it”?

Feige: I always think the speculation fuels it, whether that speculation is correct, as it sometimes is, or if that speculation is wrong, as it often is.

CB: We are going to see Oscorp, though?

Feige: Yeah.”

Spider-Man: Far From Home Theory Tony Stark Peter Parker Kevin Feige

Well, there you have it. Oscorp obviously did not get revealed in the film, but Feige did give us a nod at its debut later on. Another important tease that we got from Feige was for the entry of Nova in the MCU. There are a few new characters that seem to be making their way into the scheme of things and one of those could be Nova. He was supposedly present in the early drafts of Infinity War, so it is obvious that Marvel plans to push him into their established shared Universe. Kevin Feige has in fact said it that he is being discussed as a character who could potentially debut as soon as possible.

Here’s how the talk about Nova went:

“CB: Finally, my annual Nova question.

Feige: Nova!

CB: Where are Richard Rider and Sam Alexander? Are they in the MCU somewhere? Are they coming? What’s going on?

Feige: It’s probably the same answer I give you all the time. We love Nova. It’d be cool.

MCU Phase 4

CB: You told me last year that there was a board of characters with immediate potential, and Nova’s on that board.

Feige: That’s still true. That’s still true. What is your favorite thing about Nova?

CB: I mean honestly, his costume. But I love Sam Alexander’s story, because it feels very similar to the Peter Parker you’ve put on screen.

Feige: True. Yeah, yeah, true.

CB: I would love to see a mashup, kind of what you did with Guardians, where Sam Alexander’s looking for his dad, and his dad is Richard Rider.

Feige: Right. Right.”

Far From Home Hinted Nova Movie

So, all these replies about Nova by Feige were quite interesting and it only gives us more of a confirmation that Nova is a sure thing when it comes to the immediate future of the MCU. Spider-Man: Far From Home actually had an Easter Egg for the cosmic hero, and rumor has it that he will make his first MCU appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. He’d have a cameo which will lead the character into his own solo movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy Nova MCU

Considering the fact that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 already has a lot on its plate, this rumor could be false. But Xandar & the Nova Corps was a major part of the first Guardians of the Galaxy, so we could assume Vol. 3 to at least deal with the decimation of Xandar at the hands of Thanos. If that happens, then Nova could certainly make a cameo. Let’s see what happens.

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