18 Marvel Villains Too Powerful to be Featured in The MCU Movies

Thanos, Loki, Ronan, the Red Skull, Malekith, The Vulture, Kaecilius, Dormammu and a plethora of other villains have appeared and gobsmacked the Avengers in so many MCU movies. But the hunt for the all-powerful and almighty villain is still raging on. Up until now, the only Marvel Villain who has stood the acid test of the Avengers is Thanos. But in the pages of the Marvel Comics lay a whole range of villains that would dwarf even the Mad Titan. Presenting – 18 Marvel Villains too powerful to be featured in the MCU movies!

 1. Korvac

Korvac derives his powers from the Power Cosmic. First appearing as a Defenders villain, Korvac returns to warp the very fabric of reality and turn the Marvel universe into a Utopia. He later kills all the Avengers and then resurrects them back, only to commit suicide later when he finds out that the only being that could kill him is him.

 2. Galactus

MCU Theory Galactus Power Stone

Galactus is one Marvel Villain the Avengers have no chance against. He is known as the Devourer of Worlds for a reason. Galactus belongs to the universe that precedes this one. He later absorbs the energy from the Big Bang and becomes a cosmic entity and wielder of the Power Cosmic.

 3. The Beyonder

The Beyonder belongs to an alien race that thrives outside the known boundaries of the Universe. They are scientists and for them, the universe is a slab under the microscope. They literally have no known weaknesses as they can alter space and reality as they see fit. The only weakness of a Beyonder is its fragile mentality that is vulnerable to mental manipulation.

 4. Tyrant

Tyrant, as the name suggests, is the ultimate bad guy. He is so powerful that even Galactus has a hard time dealing with him. While Galactus uses his comic abilities to eat civilizations, Tyrant just likes to destroy planets as he sees fit.

 5. Mangog

The Mangog is an Asgardian monster that also happens to be a being made up of pure magic. Mangog is fuelled by hate and is by all senses, unstoppable. It has enough strength to level the entire Asgard and the strength of a billion beings. Not even Thor was powerful enough to stop it. Mangog can also never be killed. He can only be imprisoned.

 6. Onslaught

There is a reason this entity has not even been mentioned passively in the Marvel-themed movies, be it the MCU or the X-Men. The reason is – Onslaught is too damn overpowered. Onslaught was formed when Professor X lost his mind and combined with Magneto. The combined magnetic prowess with the ability to manipulate psychic energy led to death and chaos of unprecedented levels before the Fantastic Four and the Avengers had to sacrifice their own lives to stop it from wreaking more havoc.

 7. Champion of the Universe

The Champion of the Universe is an Elder of the Universe and commands vast levels of cosmic manipulation prowess. The Champion is actually the most powerful of all the elders and has survived the fists of beings like Thanos without even breaking a sweat.

 8. Hyperion

In an alternate reality, Hyperion (Marvel’s version of Superman), a hero of his world, goes insane and destroys the entire planet. He then travels from one reality to another, continuing the same process. Hyperion is arguably more powerful than Superman. He has a healing factor and is practically immortal.

 9. Gorr the God-Butcher

Gorr the Bod-Butcher is a being that comes from Norse mythology. If you think Hela, Thor and Odin were powerful, wait till you see Gorr in action. As the name implies, Gorr is the Killer of Gods and carries a weapon that has been confirmed by Galactus to belong to the ‘First Dawn.’

 10. Kang the Conqueror

Kang belongs to the 40th Century and employs futuristic technology and his impeccable knowledge of all events up until the future timeline he belongs to travel to the past and conquer entire timelines. Kang is a king of his world and plans to do the same for the Mainstream Marvel Universe.

 11. Molecule Man

Molecule Man is perhaps the one guy who might not be a villain by nature but circumstance. Owen Reece was caught in a radiation mishap in an atomic corporation he worked for. After the accident, Owen realised he had developed the power to manipulate the atomic bonds of things and reshape matter. Owen has regularly fought and defeated the Avengers. Even beings like Galactus and the Beyonder are scared of this guy.

 12. Super Adaptoid

The Super Adaptoid was a robot designed by A.IM and imbued with the powers and abilities of the Cosmic Cube, cubes of reality warping abilities. The Super Adaptoid can mimic the powers and abilities of any villain or hero it sees. The only way to defeat the Adaptoid is by tricking him into mimicking an ability that has a weakness!

 13. Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force is the focal point of all psychic energy there was, is and will ever exist in the entire Marvel Multi-Verse. Jean Grey, under its influence, was only able to use a fraction of its true abilities. The Phoenix Force is literally a God and the guardian of life in all the universes there are in the Multi-Verse. In the past, the Phoenix Force has become host to a variety of beings. The latest Avengers vs. the X-Men saw the Phoenix Force being shredded into five beings that then possessed one prominent member of the X-Men, each getting access to the Phoenix Force powers.

 14. Goblin entity

The peculiar case of Earth 1298 saw the rise of the dark god-like being called the Goblin Entity. The goblin Entity is unlike anything the readers had seen before. It was stronger than the Phoenix Force. While the latter represented life and resurrection, the Goblin entity represented death and darkness. When both of them fought, the Goblin Entity defeated the Phoenix Force and absorbed it into him. He later killed Galactus and was only stopped by a combined effort by all the Celestials.

 15. Magus

Magus is the antithesis of everything good in the Marvel Universe. But here is the catch – Magus is actually the Avatar of life and he is the balancing force to Thanos, who is considered the Avatar of Death. He has tremendous control over magic and vast psychic abilities. Magus is one overpowered dude and cannot ever be brought into the MCU fold just because of his power levels.

 16. Amatsu Mikaboshi

Known as the Japanese God of Evil, Amatsu Mikaboshi is as equally deadly in action as he is in looks. Amatsu was the primary protagonist in the Chaos War saga, where several Gods fought the Dark God only to be defeated by him. Amatsu is a being of Void and feeds on darkness. There seldom comes a Marvel Villain that is as powerful and deadly to look at as Amatsu Mikaboshi. If the MCU ever gives him the invitation, they have to ensure it is an extremely underpowered version of the character as his true level of power is not even fathomable to grasp.

 17. Akhenaten

Akhnaten was a lowly Pharaoh back in Egyptian times. He then meets an alien race called the Celestial Order, who gave him access to the most powerful energy resource in the world, called the Heart of the Universe. Akhenaten was tasked with bringing peace to the world but he ended up wiping out all the superheroes until Thanos traveled back in time to stop him once and for all.

 18. Oblivion

Marvel Villains MCU

Oblivion was one of the four entities that came into being along with Eternity, Infinity and Death. Oblivion lives in the Outer void and never messes with the activities in the mainstream reality unless there is an absolute need for him to do so. Oblivion is omnipresent, omniscient and can do literally whatever he wants. He does not create much trouble, but when he does put his foot down, reality itself shivers.

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