Infinity War – This Insane Fan Theory Claims That Loki is Still Alive

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ might have come a few months ago but it is still running in the theatres and people are still high on that and quite frankly the film deserves it without a doubt. It has become one of the most successful films ever made standing with around 2 billion USD.

The movie shocked everyone; no one was expecting that end. Well, now when the movies has come and gone, everyone is coming out with their own theory regarding the film. We saw many deaths in the film, the first one was Loki, the God of Mischief and probably had the most painful death. But a fan’s theory suggests that Loki might have survived.

A Reddit user redkarth posted,

I’m not sure if anyone else has posted this already, but this is one of the most convincing theories I’ve found surrounding Loki’s “death”.

Loki is right handed. If you look, in movies since the Thor 1 to Avengers 1 to Ragnarok, he wields with his right hand. He holds weapons with his right and the sceptor in Avengers with his right.

There are two occasions he uses his left hand (that I’ve found). One, when he fakes his own death in Dark World. You can find him holding the dagger with his left hand during the entire scene. Two, when he stabs Thanos.

So, Loki’s illusion uses his left hand because he’s a mirrored version? The Loki that was killed in the beginning of IW was an illusion and he’s still out there, maybe disguised or just in hiding.

Now, that’s a very interesting observation, people might not have even thought about that. It’s a fact that Loki faked his death in the battle by Kurse he was holding his knife in his left hand, we can also see him using his right hand to wield his scepter in the original Avengers film.

Loki was the agent of Thanos in the first Avenger film, so it’s obvious that the one who knows the power of Infinity Stone is Loki. He even used the Mind Stone through the scepter and the Space Stone in Thor: Ragnarok, being prepared for Thanos’s invasion for the Infinity stones.

We don’t really know, if this is true or not but there are a lot of theories regarding the movie and to know the actual story we have to wait for the second movie and people are desperately waiting for it.

Loki has been one of the most interesting characters in MCU, he is charismatic, he is intelligent and most importantly he is likable, despite the fact that he is an antagonist, his death in the movie was one of the hardest things to see along with Spider-Man’s death. People kind of knew that he will be gone in this one before but still it was heartbreaking.

He has always been the highlight of every film he has been in. In ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, he was hilarious and the best part about him is that no one knows that whether he is a good guy or a bad guy. He is unpredictable.

All of MCU’s films from ‘Iron Man’ in 2008 to ‘Black Panther’ 2016 led to ‘Infinity War’ and it was worth it. They had around 20 films from 2008 all to commutate at Infinity War 2. Now, there are still two more movies to come which include ‘Spiderman 2’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3’. We don’t know the situation of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy as the director of that movie James Gunn was fired from Disney a few days ago.

Loki is Still Alive

Avengers 4’ will release on 5th May 2019, the title of the movie has not been announced as of yet. Russo Brothers did a great in making Infinity War and they should get all the credits in the world. The movie will be remembered for a long time in people’s mind, it is the darkest film ever made in MCU.

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