15 Ridiculous Infinity Gauntlet Powers That Weren’t Shown In Infinity War!!!

When you combine the primordial powers of Space, Time, Mind, Reality, Power, and Soul, you become a God in every sense. That is the concept of the Infinity Gauntlet. When you put the six stones representing the six aspects of the universe, you gain total dominion over its very fabric. The Infinity Gauntlet can literally allow you to do anything. But there are some abilities in the comics that are downright bizarre and stupid. Presenting 15 Ridiculous Infinity Gauntlet powers from the comics that thankfully weren’t in infinity War!!!

Create Life

Thanos did everything in his power to woo Lady Death. He wore the Gauntlet and wiped out half the universe with a snap, offering his universal genocide as a tribute to her. She still refused. So Thanos decided to create her own romantic interest out of scratch. Enter Terraxia – a being born of the Gauntlet’s ability to create life. Teraxia died due to lack of oxygen when Thanos was defeated and flung along with her to the vacuum of space.

Being indestructible

Each of the infinity Stones represent the focal point of one aspect of the universe. So as long as the Universe exists, the Infinity Stones cannot be destroyed. Reed Richards once tried to use the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy the Stones in the comics but he couldn’t. The only way was to separate the Stones so far away that they can never be brought back together. In the movies though, Scarlet Witch has the ability to destroy Infinity Stones.

Suspended Animation

The Infinity Gauntlet has an unusual ability. When Nebula schemed to take the Gauntlet away from Thanos’ clutches for her own gains in the comic books, Thanos managed to defeat her. As a punishment for trying to dupe the Mad Titan, Thanos used the Gauntlet to put Nebula in a state of Living Death. In this state, Nebula was both alive and dying. Her body was incapable of supporting life but her spirit was being stopped by the Gauntlet’s power from passing onto the afterlife.

Corrupt the wielder

Power corrupts and Absolute power corrupts absolutely. When you literally have a chance of becoming a God, there is certain greed and allure to that notion that can seduce even the staunchest of intentions and noblest of hearts. Even super powerful beings like the Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock have succumbed to the Gauntlet’s promise of immense power. The only one who has managed to resist it none other than Captain America.

Virtual Invincibility

Do not for a second think that the Infinity Gauntlet wearing Thanos vs. Team Iron Man fight on Titan was at all comic book accurate. The real fight, if it would have taken in the comics, would have been over in an instant. Thanos, in the comic books, does not even need his body anymore as he can make himself an abstract entity and become God. As an abstract force, Thanos cannot be touched or taken down via any means.

Resurrecting the Dead

The Dead can never wake up. Or can they? The Infinity Gauntlet gives you the power to bring back dead people back from the afterlife. This is not something we see in Infinity War where Thanos had to use the Mind Stone to bring back Vision. Thanos never used the Gauntlet to revive his species that went extinct years ago. But in the comics, the difference in ability of the two gauntlets is stark. Thanos has brought back several beings from the dead in the Infinity Gauntlet arc.

Make new realities out of scratch

The Infinity Gauntlet has one major drawback – it can work in only that universe the Infinity stones belong to. So it won’t work in any universe other than its own. That is the reason why Darkseid couldn’t use the Gauntlet in the Marvel-DC Crossover event. But Doctor Doom found a loophole. He used the Gauntlet to create a whole new reality out of scratch. Since this reality was made entirely by the Gauntlet, the Stones’ powers were usable in this one too. The movies’ could show us this bizarre but awesome concept in the future MCU timeline.

Splitting Personalities

When Adam Warlock was given possession of the Infinity Gauntlet after Thanos was defeated in the 1991 comic book arc, everyone believed him to be the most rational choice. But then Warlock did the unthinkable. He used the Gauntlet to split his own mind into three different beings. Adam Warlock’s intentions were pure. He wanted to become a truly logical, benevolent being by rooting out all malice and rage from his body. The resultant beings born out of Warlock were Magus and the Goddess, two extremely powerful super villains and the Marvel Universe is paying the price ever since.

Become a living entity

The Infinity Stones in the MCU are known to be partially sentient. They can judge their wielder and only lend them their power if they think him or her to be worthy. In the comics, the Infinity Stones are actually six fractions of an immensely powerful cosmic being called the Nemesis. Nemesis was so powerful that she got bored of living like a God and fractured herself into the six Infinity Stones that you see today in the Marvel universe.

Disintegrating enemies

When Thanos snapped his fingers, the whole universe paid the price. Half of all life in the universe faded away, disintegrating into nothing. But that is not what we are talking about. In the comics, Thanos wore the Infinity Gauntlet to become a God. He did not need to snap his fingers to take down his enemies and turn them into dust. All Thanos needed to do was wave his hands. It was a basic Infinity Gauntlet ability and Thanos used it to dispatch many of the Earth’s mightiest heroes, including many members of the Avengers and even the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Create other Infinity Stones

How many Infinity Stones exist in the Marvel universe? If your answer is six, then you are dead wrong. A seventh Infinity stone is actually canon in the Marvel Comics. It is called the Ego Gem. We know that the six Infinity Stones of power, space, mind, time, reality and soul are actually six parts of a being called the Nemesis, a creature of cosmic origins. The seventh stone is called the Ego Gem. And while the six gems contain the power of Nemesis, the Ego gem contains the being’s consciousness. Whoever wields the seventh gem becomes immune to the effects of the Infinity Gauntlet, including the Thanos snap.


The Infinity Stone of Soul has some unique abilities as shown in the comics and the movies. While the movie version is probably being geared up for some other purpose, the comic book version’s abilities make Thanos truly powerful. Apart from total control over all the souls in the universe, Thanos can use a more indirect approach to control life. He could use the Soul Stone’s powers to manipulate the soul of any being and turn him from an enemy into an ally.


With the Mind Stone, telepathy becomes a child’s play for Thanos. Thanos doesn’t show this ability in the movie. The only basic ability of the mind he shows is when he uses the Infinity Gauntlet to sense the location of the other Infinity Stones. Thanos has some rudimentary psychic abilities of his own but with the Mind Stone and the Power Stone, Thanos’ telepathic prowess could topple that of Professor X and the Phoenix combined!!!

Battling cosmic entities

The Infinity stones were created with the power of the Cosmic Beings and Celestial Deities. So when Thanos, a megalomaniac, took control of the Gauntlet that could now help him challenge their might, the Cosmic Pantheon was visibly upset. But before they could take the fight to Thanos, the latter came knocking at their doorsteps. Thanos fought and defeated several cosmic Gods before finally defeating the strongest of them all, Eternity.

Become the Universe itself

Infinity Gauntlet Powers infinity war

Thanos became so extremely powerful in the comics while wearing the Gauntlet that he became one with the universe itself. He fought and defeated the heroes, then turned on the Gods and the abstract forces of the cosmos to kill them one by one. He would later realize that the Gauntlet’s power is still limited to his physical being. So he decided to transcend that limitation by turning himself into a being of abstract nature himself, spreading his consciousness to the four corners of the universe and becoming omnipresent and all-knowing.

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