10 Supergirl Plot Holes And Mysteries We Still Can’t Figure Out

Kara Danvers aka Supergirl is the strongest being on Earth. She is the Arrowverse’s answer to the Man of Steel. The Last Daughter of Krypton has kept garnering attention as the seasons progressed from one to the next. But with great power comes great responsibility. The story has evolved from linear to intriguingly complex and so have the plot holes the showrunners aren’t still ready to fill in.

Where Did Earth 1 get kryptonite?

The only known source of Kryptonite was on Earth 38. Metallo had the only known deposit of Kryptonite in its chest. But with the DEO disposing of the last sources of Kryptonite after the whole Metallo incident, how did Oliver Queen obtain some of his Kryptonite Arrow in Crisis of Earth X? Did Cisco breach there??

President Marsden’s alien heritage

Okay, so the president of the United States of America is an alien refugee from Durla with shapeshifting powers. Lynda Carter is better known as the original Wonder Woman. In Super Girl, she again ventured into the world of DC by portraying President Olivia Marsden of Earth 38. So what about her alien origin? When will the show address that?!?!


In the comics, the Guardian is a fairly respected comic book superhero who is in most ways badass. The Super Girl version of the Guardian is most certainly not. Not only was the decision of forcing an African American character into a role played mostly by a white guy a little too much political correctness, but the show had the audacity to just play second fiddle with Jimmy Olsen. Sometimes he is there. Sometimes he isn’t there. The Guardian has lost his touch.

Silver Banshee

The character of Siobhan Smythe aka Silver Banshee was an interesting one. Siobhan was the woman who introduced the concept of magic into the Supergirl TV Show. But then in later seasons, she was nowhere to be found. The curse that plagues Smythe hasn’t most certainly been lifted. Italia Ricci may or may not be available now. But If Kara’s mother could be re-casted, why can’t she??

What exactly can Jon J’onzz do??

One of the golden rules of superhero fiction is – establish clearly defined superpowers for the good guy and stick to it no matter what. Martian Manhunter seems to not follow that rule. In season two, he minds wiped an entire patrol guard but could not Rick Malverne’s mind. The Martians are supposed to be one of the most powerful telepaths of the universe. He also has super strength and can fly. Where was he when Reign was playing God??


Bizarro was the result of a brain-dead woman being injected with a customized serum derived from Kara’ blood. Bizarro considered herself Kara but was the polar opposite of her in each and every way. After Supergirl defeats her, she is put in stasis so that her body could be halted from breaking down. O what happened to her? Is she still in stasis? Will Bizarro return for Round 2?

Where is Superman?

In Season one, Kara asked Superman to only come to his aid when things really went out of hand. He has honored that promise by only appearing when things really, really needed his attention. But when Reign almost killed Kara, where was Clark Kent? Wasn’t that a situation that could use his help? To let Kara deal with her own problems when she desperately needed help is unlike Superman.


Lillian Luthor may have had an appearance recently. Her organization, the anti-alien CADMUS has not. During the Daxamite invasion arc, CADMUS was a force to be reckoned with. It also tried to propagate anti-alien sentiments within the populace later. After Reign’s reign of terror, why weren’t they using that incident to cause more trouble for the alien population on Earth? It’s ok if you want to be a mysterious organization. At least act as such.

Maxwell Lord

If you think Morgan Edge is a bastard, think again. Maxwell Lord is a gifted villain with an incredible God Complex. It is exactly why Peter Facinelli’s character clicked so much with fans. He even teamed up with Kara to save the day but later it was revealed that he had joined hands with General Sam Lane for ‘something’. Why hasn’t Maxwell Lord returned to the show? And what is this ‘something’?

The Omegahedron


The Omegahedron held a power so massive it could power an entire Kryptonian City for years on end. It was used by Non to restore Indigo and power Fort Rozz. The Omegahedron fell into the hands of General Sam Lane and Maxwell Lord later. But with the show changing networks, whatever happened to the Kryptonian tech remains a mystery. What were Lane’s and Lord’s original plan? How did they plan on using it against Supergirl?

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