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20 Mind-Boggling Things You Never Knew About Black Lightning

Black Lightning has had one of the most controversial premieres in the history of The CW’s Arrowverse. The show has introduced us to a dark, bleak world as one man with the ability to easily become a despot decides to take the difficult path to set things straight. Check out more about him:

Olympic Level Athlete!

Olympic Decathlete!

Superhuman Levels!

Incredible Speed and Accuracy!

Speed Lightning Travel!

Super Speed And Quick Reflexes!

He Can Control Electricity!

Power With a Drawback!


Super Intelligent!

He Can Manipulate Electromagnetic Energy!

Magnetic Field Power!

Ability To Sense Electromagnetic Energy!

Bolts To Boot!

Black Lightning!

Ability To Absorb Energy!

The Energy Fields!

Awesome Power!

Flying Power!

Don’t Angry Him!

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