10 Characters Portrayed Perfectly In The Harry Potter Movies

We often talk about the limitations of a movie series and discuss its flaws and imperfections and don’t give enough time to appreciate them. While there might be some characters that we have said that the Harry Potter movies did not justify but we can’t ignore the fact that many characters were portrayed beautifully and this post is about that.

Professor Trelawney:

She is one of the underrated characters of the series and this is because she is often called a fraud and phony. In the movies, she does not get enough screen time but we all have to agree how Emma Thompson played her beautifully. She captured the quirkiness of the paranoid Divination professor so well and we loved every scene she was in. the only thing that could have been better is that she should have had more screen time.

Dolores Umbridge:

She is by far the most hated character of the series and we wanted to see her die in the movies but we can’t deny that the movies totally nailed her character. The actress was perfect and she made us hate her. In the fifth movie she played an amazing villain and the evilness of the character from the book was totally justified.

Luna Lovegood:

This is a character loved by everyone be it the books or the movies. Luna is almost a whimsical character and her quirkiness and uniqueness transferred well on the big screen. The casting again helped and Evanna Lynch played the character very well. Her character is loved that it was easy to mess it up by making her over the top crazy but the makers were careful in giving her that subtle whimsical feeling and innocence.

Fred and George Weasley:

This list is incomplete without the Weasley twins as the movies totally nailed them. James and Oliver Phelps became Fred and George on screen and we couldn’t love them more. The twins are more than just comic relief and provide heart to the story. They were portrayed beautifully and their jokes and pranks were perfect. The scene where they run away from Hogwarts was done so well and we couldn’t ask for more.


Dobby is a character that has more heart than most characters and his sacrifice for Harry and his friends was huge. Dobby’s character and his loyalty was shown perfectly and his death is the most tragic in the series. The CGI and effects used to create this beautiful character were perfect and we cannot pick any fault with the character.

Bellatrix Lestrange:

Another villain we love to hate is Bellatrix Lestrange and she is the embodiment of pure evil. The movies nailed this character perfectly and she was portrayed with the amazing abilities of the talented Helena Bonham Carter. She is the right hand of Voldemort and is as crazy and evil as the dark lord himself. Her obsession with Voldemort was also shown well.


Hagrid is the essence of Hogwarts and his loyalty to the school as well to Dumbledore is impeccable. The movies got the character of Hagrid completely right and we loved the Hagrid in the movies as much as we did in the books. Robbie Coltrane’s performance was brilliant as the gamekeeper and he had the right amount of sweetness and roughness to play the gentle giant.

Hermione Granger:

Hermione is one of the most important characters of the series as her mind and courage help Harry on countless occasions and she usually saves the day. Fortunately, the movies completely nailed the character and Emma Watson’s beautiful performance made us fall in love with her. Some may say that Hermione in the movies was far prettier than the Hermione in the books but we can totally look over that fact because of the brilliant performance of the actress.

Severus Snape:

You may hate the character or love it but the importance of Severus Snape in the series cannot be denied. He is one of the most controversial characters of the series and even JKR has called him a ‘grey character’. The makers of the first few movies had no idea how important Snape would become later and they still nailed it. Alan Rickman became Snape on screen and his performance is one of the best in the entire series. He may have been a lot older than Snape in real life but his age never became an issue for us.

Minerva McGonagall:

Harry Potter

The character that was absolutely perfect in the movies is undoubtedly the head of Gryffindor house and the lovely Professor McGonagall. She is portrayed so well that we cannot pick any faults with it even if we try our best. Dame Maggie Smith is a legend and when she stepped into the shoes of Minerva McGonagall she was nothing less. The filmmakers should take a bow for this because this is the character that was nailed to perfection.

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