DC Comics Teases Insane Three-Way Batman vs Batman vs Batman Fight

It’s not all gloomy for DC from all fronts as some would like you to believe. DC Comics recently underwent a massive transformation with the introduction of DC’s Rebirth that has fundamentally altered the dynamics of DC universe.

This is not the first time that DC nerds are experiencing a major reboot as ‘New 52’ series was also a rebirth of sorts in 2011. But this time there was a paradigm shift as everyone from fans to DC executives to critics shared an unwritten consensus that DC world is awesome and fascinating but something was missing.

The Chief creative officer Geoff Johns was behind the idea of ‘Rebirth’ and he is now overseeing expansion of DCEU as well. Here’s what he said about it:

“If you look at the new Star Wars — it’s kind of a rebirth, right? It goes back to the classic tropes of Star Wars, but it introduces new characters. New threats. It has the spirit of Star Wars, it feels like a Star Wars movie. Probably the first Star Wars movie that’s felt like a Star Wars movie in a long, long time. That’s a perfect example of what I think “Rebirth” is — a celebration, but it doesn’t mean we’re just going backward. It’s an echo of the past, but looking to the future. That’s what I want to do with this.”

Well, DC Comics has done it again but this time it’s not rebirth instead they are upping the ante. After leaving Marvel Comics far behind in terms of comic book sales and related merchandise, DC has now hinted at a crossover event that will make even the most ignorant of us turn around and watch the upcoming issues with the most prying of eyes.

DC’s Rebirth line of comic books has already been outselling the Marvel Comics New Age of Heroes comic lines. One testament to DC’s superiority in the comic book genre is second by the fact that the number of DC’s Rebirth issues sold in one single day is equal to what Marvel’s Civil War 2 sold out in an entire year.

DCEU or DC Film Universe is not even in the 10-mile radius of MCU, also the blame cannot be entirely DC’s as it is one of the multiple stakeholders. Hence, the movie scenario may be different but DC Comics is earning threefold that via digital and hardback imprints.

So if you thought DC, not Marvel is beyond saving, I believe it is pretty much the other way around. And now DC is about to strike another nail in Marvel Comics’ Coffin. DC’s Super Sons of Tomorrow will see a crossover arc between Teen Titans, Super Sons and Superman.

The comic book arc will see a future version of Batman enter the present timeline via time travel and sentence the Young Superboy to death. The former’s reason being Super Boy in the future will be responsible for killing millions of civilians. So the time traveler wants to nip the problem in the bud.

The time travelling Batman in question is none other than the futures self of Time Drake – the current Red Robin of DC lore. The Tim Drake of the future was last seen in DC comics #965-968. He is a prisoner of Mr. Oz, Superman Rebirth’s primary arch nemesis, along with Superboy, Wonder Girl and the rest of the Teen Titans.

They break free and later assume the mantle of their predecessors. The Teen Titans then rule the west coast of the United States as Dictators with an Iron Fist.

At least once all the comic-book fans have thought “Why their favorite superheroes don’t kill their enemies”, although there are many who are ruthless killers, most have a moral code they adhere to. The first name that comes when we think of such heroes is ‘The Batman’.

He is the most iconic comic-book character of all times not because “he is the Batman” but he is a human who became a superhero through his determination and grit despite impossible odds stacked against him. He is just a crime fighter in Gotham and still led Justice League as opposed to super-powered people including an Amazonian, the Atlantean, the Fastest Man alive and Cyborg.

In the movie ‘The Dark Knight’, he had an opportunity to kill his nemesis ‘Joker’ for good but he decided not to do it as it would have compromised his moral code and in fact, that’s what Joker wanted at the first place. Well, the Joker would have won had Batman become a killer like him. Anyways….moving on…

Tim Drake goes against everything Batman has taught to the Robin brigade. The No Kill Code is flushed down the toilet and he soon starts using Guns and lethal force in combat.

As he realizes later that events happening in the present timeline could gravely affect his future, Time decides to ride the time stream to the past and deal with the problems himself. It takes Batwoman and the rest of the Bat-Family to defeat Tim and send him back into hypertime.

Tim is not at all a goner. Her returns in Superman #37 and raids the Wayne Manor. The ensuing fight with Bruce Wayne leads the latter to believe Tim is beyond saving as the former brandishes a gun to kill his mentor.

Superman is Tim’s next target. He hijacks a Kryptonian Battle Armor from the Bat Cave and uses a trap lined with Red Kryptonite to defeat Superman. It is then he reveals that he is here to save Superman. To do that, his son Super Boy needs to die.

If you think Tim is the Batman of Tomorrow, you are sorely mistaken. Another Batman then enters the fray as the issue is about to end. The Other Batman of Tomorrow is Damian Wayne of the future. He sold his devil in DC comics #666 to prevent the apocalypse. He now sets his sights on the current events. What role has he to play in all that’s been going on?

The Three Batmen will duke it out?

Of course, they will. Bruce Wayne is the present Batman. Time Drake and Damian Wayne are the future versions of the Bat Mantle. What we all would like to ask is whether the Batmen of the future will team up to defeat Bruce Wayne and kill Super Boy? Or will something else in store change the equations?

The future of Connor Kent remains murky. In an unknown future timeline event, Jonathan Kent (the current Superboy) is forced to make an impossible choice that leaves Tim and millions of others dead.

This event leads Damian to sell his own soul to the Devil and prevent things from escalating further. Maybe this is what the Sons of Tomorrow are trying to prevent.

Tim wants to save his ass from being vaporized by Super Boy in the future and Damian Wants to prevent the super boy explosion from happening so that he would never have to make a deal with the devil and damn his own soul for all of eternity in the first place.

DC Comics

The Stage is set for an epic showdown between Batman (Bruce Wayne), Batman (Time Drake) and Batman (Damian Wayne). Who will win? Who will lose? Who will die? This is a totally insane plot which has captured the imagination of DC fans. Read the next issue of Super Sons of Tomorrow to find out!!! Don’t miss this shit!

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