10 Deleted Scenes That Might Have Changed The Plot of Movies

Sometimes popular comic book movies tend to have some scenes about which information of being shot gets leaked out but they never show up in the theatrical cut and similarly, there are some scenes that are shown in the marketing material but get edited and don’t make the original cut. Here some of these scenes which may have had an influential change to the plot.

Quicksilver survives – Avengers Age of Ultron

In the movie, we saw Quicksilver bite the bullet, but apparently, a scene was shot by Director Whedon where Quicksilver comes back to life due to his super fast healing factor and joins the Avengers at the end wearing a new suit. The scene did not pass the editing as the studios thought it was better for the plot to kill the character.

Spiderman’s web shooters – Spiderman

The perfect interpretation of Sam Raimi’s Spiderman had a scene that would have explained the only problem some fans had with the character, which was ‘organic web’. Raimi had shot a scene where Peter makes his web shooters. He did not include it in the test screening and the audience liked the movie the way it was, so the scene got removed altogether.

Black Widow’s Past – Captain America Winter Soldier

Captain America: Winter Soldier makes it to many fans’ best-of-the-MCU lists with a great story that spotlights one of the MCU’s underused characters: Black Widow. It seems like we’ve been waiting for ages for her solo movie, and we know it’s not coming anytime soon. We saw a little bit from Nat’s past in Age of Ultron and heard about her experiences in Budapest with Hawkeye. But there was a scene pointing out towards her dark backstory in Captain America 2 and it would have been shown as a flashback when Natasha was uploading all of SHIELD’s secrets on the internet.

Strange losing his sister – Doctor Strange

Ahead of the movie’s release, it was revealed that a scene shot was cut from the movie which would have added more to Strange’s backstory. The scene depicted Stephen losing his sister. It showed his sister dying as a child as it was the case in the comics. The reason for the removal was that it did not fit into the movie in any way.

Bruce Banner’s Bullet – The Incredible Hulk

In the first Avengers movie, we heard Bruce Banner telling the team that once he got low and did not see an end to his problem, so he put a gun in his mouth and shot himself with a bullet but the other guy spit it out! This was actually a deleted scene from the only Hulk Solo movie in the MCU.

Lau Burning – The Dark Knight

The PG-13 Batman movie almost included one scene that would have never passed the censors. The scene showed Lau burning and suffering while the Joker placed him on the heap of cash and lit it. A graphic image of Lau sitting on the cash being burnt alive was developed but got removed. 

The 10 Rings – Ant-Man

In a deleted scene from Ant-Man, Darren Cross, the main villain shows off his own version of Pym’s shrinking technology to potential buyers. It gives us viewers a better view of his lab, but that’s not the important part. If you look closely, one of those potential buyers has a tattoo on his neck. It’s the Ten Rings tattoo. The last time we saw that was in the original Iron Man movie – it was the mark of the terrorist organization that kidnapped Stark and terrorized the countryside. Showing this scene in the movie would have meant that the organization was still active even after the events of Iron man 1 & 3.

Joker returns with a burnt face – Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad showed Joker’s chopper being shot down and turned to ash. Though he did show up at the end of the movie, a scene was revealed in the trailers that showed the Joker’s return with a burnt face and a grenade he was about blow off. It was probably after the final battle but was removed as the entire third act was reshot.

Thor gets possessed – Avengers Age of Ultron

This deletion is a bit of a head-scratcher. Not only would it have fleshed out the immediate storyline in Age of Ultron, but it would’ve also helped set the stage for Thanos and Infinity War. The scene where Thor goes into a cave along with Eric Selvig, to get some answers, in pursuit of those answers, Thor actually gets possessed by an entity called Norn. Norn tells Selvig that the mind stone which Ultron at that moment possessed was one of the 6 Infinite stones which can neither be joined nor kept apart and it also mentioned that the enemies of the earth are very near.

Loki – Age of Ultron


This case was a scene that was shot and then removed because it had too much of an effect — one that was the opposite of what filmmakers were looking for. Loki’s cameo was supposed to take place during Thor’s second dream/hallucination sequence. It included an exchange between Thor and Loki where Loki imitates Anthony Hopkins’s voice speaking as Odin. Both Joss Whedon and actor Tom Hiddleston explained that the scene was shot but then removed because fans in the first test audiences were getting Loki’s role confused.

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