10 Insane Iron Man Armors That You Never Knew About

Iron Man is one of the most famous Marvel characters. The MCU officially began with Iron Man solo movie in 2008 and it’s added 19 movies to its credit since then. It was a deliberate move on the part of Marvel to launch its cinematic universe with Iron Man and it looks like their gamble had paid off big time. He has got the class, money, fame, wealth, girls, attitude…u name it… which makes him the most admired and recognized face of MCU who has always been at the heart of the larger narrative.

The Iron Man trilogy starring Robert Downey Jr. has been a great Box office success for Marvel Cinematic Universe earning over $2 Billion with just three Iron Man films and since then the craze for Tony Stark and RDJ has reached the seventh sky. He has made a total eight appearances in MCU movies that include Iron Man (2008), Iron Man 2 (2010), The Avengers (2012), Iron Man 3 (2013), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Captain America: Civil War (2016),Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and now Avengers Infinity War (2018) as well as a cameo in Incredible Hulk (2008).

Tony Stark is a genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist who is known for his creative mind and building things that surprise every single person. He is a techie and loves to play create new things. He has gone through dozens of armors in his life that were made for special circumstances or for fighting against a special enemy. From lifting the entire Nuke on his shoulders and saving New York in ‘The Avengers’ to fighting against Thanos with his nano tech suit; he has done it all. Quirkybyte takes a look at some of the oddest armors that Tony Stark has ever built in his life. Here’s the list:

Asgardian Armor

In “Fear Itself” #7 (by Matt Fraction, Stuart Immonen, and Wade Von Grawbadger) the earth was under attack by Serpent who was an Asgardian god and also the brother of Odin. The deity called down eight hammers to transform the mightiest beings on Earth in his “worthy” generals. Iron Man broke his sobriety as a ‘sacrifice’ to Odin to let him use the uru metal (the metal also used in Thor’s Mjolnir) to create weapons that can help him and his fellow Avengers fight against Serpent and his worthy generals.

Tony Stark build the Asgardian Armor (aka Uru Armor) using the powerful uru metal. The armor was spike-filled and was awesomely weird. It’s covered in Asgardian Uru metal, powered by Asgardian magic and designed using Asgardian weapon ‘The Destroyer’. It’s fitted with Unibeam, Repulsors, Time travel device etc. But despite massive build of this amazing new suit of armor, it never got a single battle scene in the comic-book.

Arctic Armor

The Arctic Armor which was blue and white in color was given to Iron Man by Kaminski and artist Tom Morgan that appeared only once at the end of the Iron Man” #318. There’s no explanation about the specialty of this armor making it really odd as there was nothing out there to hide from, neither he needed camouflage and after this point, he never used that armor again. Not a poor looking armor though.

Tile Armor

The Tile armor first appeared in “Iron Man” (Volume 3) #71. It was created by writer Robin Laws and artists Robert Teranishi and Eric Cannon as a new armor which was never used again after the three-part arc. As the name suggests the whole armor was made out of little tiles that could shoot out and even work without the armor. The design was described as an  “ablative” design; that can break apart on contact.

The Crossing Armor

In “Iron Man” #319 (by Terry Kavanagh and Tom Morgan), Tony Stark chose a new armor that was marked by the large rivets throughout the armor along with bizarrely large gauntlets that Iron Man would wear. The design didn’t look like it could work as those gauntlets were way too big. Still, there were some new features, like it had magnets outside that would destroy the ricochets from gunfire.

S.K.I.N. Armor

In “Iron Man” (Vol. 3) #42 (by Frank Tieri, Keron Grant, and Rob Stull), Tony had this innovative new idea for armor involving S.K.I.N. (Synth-Kinetic Interface Nano-fluid), a liquid alloy that has the ability to change into different shapes. The creator took the design a bit too far and so was dropped just after six issues.

Iron Man 2020

Although 2020 is just two years away, back then when it was introduced in 1984 it was 36 years away. Still, the time-traveling Iron Man from 2020 has appeared many times. It was actually Tony Stark’s first cousin, Arno Stark who dons the armor to perform the tasks of a mercenary and an inherent of Stark Industries. He used his armor to take down his competitors for capital gains. Though his armor was from future, still, Tony’s armor was more advanced. His armor had flicker blades, Ultra pulse bolts, and magnetic tractor beam. It also had giant golden gears around his shoulders just like crossing armor.

Classic Gold Armor

Right before his famous red and gold color armor, Tony made this armor after he took the words of his date, Marion Rodgers, to his heart who told Tony that he could really use a nice paint-job so that he’d look like a knight in shining armor. But this armor didn’t last for long and was ultimately replaced by red and gold armor.

Sorcerer Supreme Armor

The idea of incorporating magic into tech-based stuff really sounds weird but this happened in an alternate universe where Doctor Strange and Tony Stark met with a car accident. It injured Dr. Strange so badly that he became incapable to cast spells. Tony tried to find a cure through science but was eventually drawn towards magical arts.

Seeing, that he had to save the world from Dormammu he combined his knowledge of science and magic and created the Sorcerer Supreme Armor. The suit was powered by the Eye of Agamotto instead of the arc reactor and it came with an onboard CPU which had the encyclopedia of all the spells stored in it. Insanely cool!! Right?

Excalibur Armor

This was the most mystical Iron Man armor ever. This was another time when Tony Stark went all magical after his regular armor got fused with the magical energies of Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur which he got from the Lady of the Lake. The fusion not only gave the armor an all-new look, it also made some major changes in its appearance. The suit is completely invulnerable and gets powered by Tony’s pure will.

The suit allowed Stark to defeat a terrifying eye monster. Its capabilities include Hyperwave generator, solar converters, anti-intrusion devices, universal translator, booster packs for space travel, Silver Centurion’s weaponry with powerful EMP device. 

ThorBuster Armor

iron man

After Hulk Buster made its appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, people went gaga over it. But Tony also made an armor to take on a god (a Norse god to be specific). The US government told Stark to talk to Thor to persuade him to leave town before UN Special forces arrive, but Thor didn’t listen. Also, God of Thunder was wielding Odin-Force in addition to his great powers which drove him insane and he tried to take over the earth, Tony realized that it’s the time to use this armor.

It got its design inspired by the Asgardian menace the Destroyer. The suit also had magical powers of Odin along with tech which was powered by an Asgardian crystal which was capable of absorbing Asgardian energies. The armor proved powerful enough to stop the mighty Thor and his Mjolnir. The suit was also strong enough to stop mighty blows, hits, and blasts. As a result, Stark and later Cap managed to avert the tragedy of epic proportions.

Honorable Mentions: The Nose Armor, Iron Man of 2099, Heroes Reborn Armor, Hydro Armor, and Endo-Sym Symbiote Armor.

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