5 Times Our Beloved Superheroes Betrayed Their Own Teams

Superheroes fight alone as well as in teams, teams are what makes superheroes stronger, but there are times when superheroes betrayed their teams. Here are a few times when our beloved superheroes betrayed and turned against their own teams:

 Terra Betrayed Teen Titans

This has to be the best story of the Teen Titans ever, with Terra not only working for Deathstroke but also having a physical relationship with him. Using the information that he got from Terra, Deathstroke breaks the team. Not only that, it was also difficult to see Beast Boy devastated, who by the time had developed serious feelings for Terra.


Old Man Logan has to be Wolverine’s best comic and in the story almost all X-Men are dead. Sad right? What’s even sadder is that they all were killed by the hands of Wolverine himself. This happened when the X-Mansion Is attacked by outside forces and in order to save his students Wolverine kills all the intruders, only to find that those all were actually his own students and it was all but a trick of Mysterio.

Iron Man

Well, this one sure can be a matter of debate, but we have to agree to the fact that Tony Stark did betray everyone who once was his friends by siding with the govt. and supporting the Superhero Registration Act. Even in the comics, the billionaire is presented as the antagonist for most of the time, leading to Captain America’s pseudo-death.

Cyclops Betrays The X-Men

This might be somewhat of an argument again, but in the Dark Phoenix saga, when he tries to save his fellow mutants, Cyclops himself gets taken over by the Phoenix force, and under its influence kills Professor X, and gets into numerous fights with his earlier teammates. Not only that, he attacks humans and mutants alike with his new team.

Batman betrayed the Justice League

Superheroes betrayedBatman is known to be the one who’s prepared for all possibilities, this was the case in the arc, Justice League: Tower Of Babel, where the caped crusader had made all the contingency plans to stop every Justice League member, if they went rogue, these plans are stolen by Ra’s Al Ghul and used against the league. Though he’s stopped, the league now distrust the Bat, who even leaves the team for some time.

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