Superman vs Thor: Who Will Lose and Why?

Superman vs Thor: Who Would Win?

The most even matchup between a Marvel and a DC character would be the battle between the God of Thunder and the Man of Steel. The Death-Battle between the Norse God and the God-like alien would be a treat to watch if it ever happens.


Krypton’s last survivor Kal-El, son of Jor-El arrived on earth as a baby when Krypton was destroyed. He was raised on a farm in Kansas by the name of Clark Kent, Son of Jonathan and Martha Kent.

As he grew older, he came to realize his powers and what he could do for the people of earth with them. He possesses Super-Strength, Super-Speed and agility, heat vision, freeze breath, X-ray vision and the ability to fly at speeds much faster than a speeding bullet. His only weaknesses are Kryptonite which weakens his Kryptonian cells and could kill him and Magic.


Thor is the Son of Odin and the king of Asgard. He is the protector of all the 9 realms and possesses a magical hammer named Mjolnir which actually provides him the ability to control thunder and lightning and his flight.

Thor is the only person who is worthy of picking up the mighty hammer, Mjolnir and the hammer is his ally. Whenever he is in danger, he just sort of calls the hammer and where ever it may be, it comes to the rescue.

Superman vs Thor:  The epic clash  

Superman vs Thor: Who Will Lose and Why?

Thor may have the upper hand at the beginning as Superman is kinda vulnerable to Magic. But the mistake that each and everyone makes all the time is to underestimate the Man of Steel. People always think that he is beatable because he holds back in most of his fights, but to win this one he would surely have to give it all he has.

When Thor throws down a thunder attack, Sups would reply with his heat vision, and it would be a tie. If Thor knocks Superman down and keeps his hammer on Superman, it will not work as in a crossover comic, Superman was able to lift the Hammer so Superman would win there. Comparing the strength the two possess, Superman would surely beat down Thor even if he is a God. The speed Superman has would be much faster than Thor and he would not even see Sups coming if he goes in full force.

So, considering all the facts, Thor would be a tough opponent to beat but it will be Superman at the end who would emerge victorious.

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