Super Sunday Smash: Superman vs Shaktimaan

Superman vs Shaktimaan: Who Will Win?

This is not just a battle of super powers, this is a battle of countries as well! The favorite American superhero vs our very own Indian Super boy Shaktimaan. If the two were to be in a battle, they will surely be pretty evenly matched. Now let’s just analyze their powers and Superman V Shaktimaan finds out who will be the ultimate winner.


“Shakti-Shakti-Shaktimaaan, Shakti-Shakti-Shaktimaan” flies in the Indian Superboy. Pandit Gangadhar Shastri is a very intellectual man and is a photographer by profession, but when someone’s in trouble, he comes in as the great Shaktimaan to save the day. The set of powers he possesses is a unique and huge set of powers. His abilities are Invisibility, shape shifting, Super strength, and speed, (very amazing way of) flight, heat & light projection, Telepathy and healing factor. He is also a trained unarmed combatant. God save the one who crosses his way.


Superman V Shaktimaan

“Look up, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no its Superman” comes in the American Superhero. Clark Kent is a very talented news reporter but when he finds someone in trouble, he comes in to save the day. He was a Kryptonian by birth and coming to earth, he gained innumerable powers. His set of powers is a Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and longevity, Flight, heat vision, Freezing breath, Extrasensory powers including X-ray vision. His abilities make him the most powerful superhero with just a minor weakness, Kryptonite. Other than that he is invincible.

Superman vs Shaktimaan: Death Battle

Superman vs ShaktimaanThe two Superheroes if you think about it, have a lot in common, the alter egos of both of them work for a news company along with saving people from a catastrophe. If the two were to enter into a battle, the fight is going to be very evenly matched, but considering the set of powers Shaktimaan has, he might take the edge above Superman. His abilities to shape shift, become invisible and his superhuman healing factor could easily work against Superman.

So the final winner in this tough battle would be the Indian Superhero Shaktimaan.

“Shaktimaaaann!! Shaktimaaaann!! Shaktimaaaann!!”

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