Is Suits Back with a Bang? Here is an Unapologetic Review

The season 6 of Suits left us all wondering whether the firm will survive without Jessica or not. What is this “more” that Donna wants? How will Louis handle his breakup? And the most important question of all: Will everything be answered or will we be left hanging dry?!

Harvey sure knows to make an extravagant entrance to impress his Dame, with his Ferrari. He didn’t tune down his cockiness even a bit when he asked out the object of his fascination- Dr.Paula. Of course, she said yes, who wouldn’t? There isn’t a soul on the earth which can resist Harvey’s charms. Back to the real world, Donna pops the question- she wants a seat on the table. This was bound to happen sooner or later.

We are eager to see who would be Harvey’s new assistant. No one can replace Donna, but Harvey has to make-do with him/her.

Paula: Is that supposed to impress me?

Harvey: It sure as hell impressed me!

The first 6 seasons of Suits mainly focused on keeping Mike’s secret and then getting him out of jail. Now that his dirty laundry has been aired, his actual career starts. Mike’s decision was not fair to the clinic, but money makes it better in this case.  Now that our favorite duo is back in the game, it’s time for more movie quotes,  sarcastic quips and friendly banters, which we can’t help but love it to bits.

A single day made a huge difference in Harvey’s life. He was suddenly bombarded in all directions. His date did not work out, Donna was awaiting his answer, he has to choose between telling Louis about him stepping up the game and Donna becoming senior partner. On top of that, his client is bullying Harvey (the nerve of that guy!) and Mike wants his pro-bono case even though the first case is not yet over.  Just when we start to pity Harvey’s position, Mike manages to make Harvey see sense. Its astounding to see how Mike manages to calm Harvey down without backing off. He used the right tactic of reminding Harvey of who he was when he hired Mike.

“You can keep hiding in Jessica’s shadow or you can get out of it and be Harvey goddamn Specter”

All this time we thought of Jessica as someone who swoops in only when Harvey or Louis is out of line or when the firm is in danger. Now that Harvey trying to be in her shoes, we begin to comprehend the complexity of being a managing partner.

Louis is altogether at a different level. He crossed over the line of being just rough to insanely tough on the associates. Thankfully we had Donna and surprisingly, a calm Harvey to make him see sense and apologize to Rachel as well. But the cherry on the cake was when Harvey pulled up as Paula was leaving her office (just like her fantasy) and kissed the hell out of her! Made me swoon!

Did the episode answer all our questions? Hm…more or less. Are we excited for the next episode? HELL YEAH!!

Well, just to tell you fans, Suits was premiered before the WOLRD on 12 July) courtesy of Comedy Central in India in 6 different Indian cities. We held a contest and, 5 lucky winners from each city got a chance to watch this exclusive screening. This event was possible with the help of QuirkyByte team and the entire team at Weber Shandwick comprising of Asmita Chattopadhyay and Arushi Mehrotra.

You can catch Suits at Comedy Central in India at 8 pm on Fridays!

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