4 Sidekicks Who Betrayed Their Superhero Friends

Comic Books are greatly loved by the fans majorly for their twists and turns. Some such are those when the ever so trusted sidekicks of the Superheroes turn rogue and betray them. Here is a list of some such sidekicks who betrayed their Superheroes:

Bucky Barnes and Captain America

Bucky Barnes is really famous these days because of his entrance in the MCU, but the sidekick in his comic days got really famous because of his storyline, where the sidekick of Cap apparently dies while fighting, but later returns as the Winter Soldier, with the Nazis having erased all his memories and made into an assassin who for some time becomes the arch nemesis of Captain America.

Batgirl and Batman

Cassandra Kane was a really famous character, she is not the most famous Batgirl but yet was loved by the fans because of her independent character. She later betrays Batman, frames Robin for a murder and is told to be the leader of the League of Assassins, not just that she also joins Deathstroke’s team.

Speedy and Green Arrow

This has to be one of the more emotional and mental betrayals, in an anti-drug campaign, this was done, that Speedy could be seen shooting drugs at his lair. Green Arrow finds this out and is devastated, he sure kicks him out of his place and team but later can be seen caring for the guy. This had a really bad effect on the character as his popularity went down tenfold.

Jason Todd and Batman

Sidekicks superheroes

Okay, this has to be the biggest betrayal ever. Todd was Batman’s second Robin, whom Batman caught stealing tires from the fucking Batmobile. Not just that, a poll was taken from the audience if they wanted to see Todd killed, with a YES vote the character was killed, who then returned to Gotham as the Red Hood. He was brought to life by the Lazarus Pit by Ra’s Al Ghul and then goes on killing villains and even takes on the Bat Family.

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