6 Stealthiest Superheroes of Marvel and DC

When you are a superhero or even a supervillain, you need to be discreet, you need to sometimes work in the shadows in order to accomplish your missions and your enemy not even noticing. There are many superheroes and villains blessed with the powers of being discreet, while some such as Black Widow, not having them but still nailing the ‘Discreet game’. Here is a list of some such characters:


Stealthiest Superheroes of Marvel and DC
Stealthiest Superheroes of Marvel and DC

Doesn’t her name give it away? Mystique is on of the oldest mutants that there are. She has along with being immensely strong, can also take any human form she wants to, making her a part of the crowd, a part of the team as well as an excellent spy.


Well, he is known as the Dark Knight, which serves as a pun for his qualities too. Batman is famous for being in the same room and people not noticing, not just that, his exits too are pretty swift and discreet, leaving the other person still talking after he’s gone. Bats is the only one on the list who doesn’t use any powers but still is the best shadow in town.


Stealthiest Superheroes of Marvel and DC

Having the real name, Smerdyakof originally was a spy who later got used to an elevated lifestyle and turned into criminal activities. A very skillful master of disguise who also honed his skill of mimicry to pass himself off as a whole lot of other people, the Chameleon wanted to sell govt. secrets to Iron Countries needed someone to take the blame, so he disguised as Spider-Man but was caught by a vigilant officer.

Kitty Pryde

Well, someone who can walk through walls surely had to be in the list of the most discreet comic book characters. If that’s not enough, the girl’s codename was Shadowcat. Kitty is a master technician and can also fry circuitry using her phasing powers.

Susan Storm

Her better-known name is ‘The Invisible Girl’ if that doesn’t give away her powers we don’t know what will. Along with being invisible, Mrs. Reed Richards also has the powers to project force fields, as big or small as she deems fit.


Stealthiest Superheroes of Marvel and DC

The dude can teleport, enough said already Kurt Wagner is a mutant, who is the son of a demon pirate. He can not just sneakily teleport but can climb walls, dance around lasers and the range of his teleportation has gone as far as 400 miles.

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