5 Terrifying Members of Thanos Black Order

Now that it has been confirmed that Thanos Black Order would be in the film Avengers: Infinity war, we thought the fans should get acquainted with the team. Here is the list of the top 5 members of Thanos Black Order squad:

Corvus Glaive

He was the first one to join the team. He is the one who even betrayed his homeworld. His loyalty for Thanos, his arrogance and how cruel he really makes him a fan favorite from the team. We sure want to see what carnage he unleashes in the film.

Proxima Midnight

She is undoubtedly the most skilled fighter in Thanos’ squad. Someone who wields a spear made from pure energy of a supernova as well as a Black hole, this character is really deadly. With her spear never to have missed the target she is a lethal force and could easily obliterate any mortal with the toxins of her spear.

Ebony Maw

He is one of the scariest members of the Black Order. Though the dude has no such physical prowess, he has a sharp tongue. This weapon of his has landed many serious blows to all of Thanos’ foes. With his lethal tongue, he can corrupt the words that come out of others’ mouths. He once even took over the mind of Doctor Strange and caused a lot of ruckuses.

Black Dwarf


Black Dwarf is Corvus Glaive’s brother. He is the strongest member of the team having an unbreakable skin. Though he was killed by Ronan’s weapon still, he’s pretty hard to break. He was once even banished from the team by Thanos as he couldn’t defeat Black Panther and invade Wakanda.


Thanos Black Order

She is a fairly new member to the team and her origin to isn’t well explained as of now. We know that she is a great telepath, who once even caused Iceman to use his Omega level powers against the X-Men.

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