5 Strongest Female Superheroes from DC with No Powers

Sure, inherent superhuman powers are a sight to watch but acquired superhuman skills are inspirational. Over time creatives at DC have drawn out many such inspirational female superheroes characters who never fail to astonish us by always coming up with the better version of themselves. Below are listed 5 such female superheroes who can defeat even supernatural powers with their strength:

Black Canary

A creation of Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino, Dinah Drake was first seen in “Flash Comics” unleashing her amazing strengths, one of them being “the Canary Cry- her high-pitched scream” which can make the roofs of skyscrapers bow and touch the ground. Her acquired skill in martial arts is way more amusing to our sight than any other inherent superhuman powers her counterparts possess. Now, her equally heroic daughter, Dinah Laurel has taken over her mantle.


Huntress was first seen in “DC superstars” in 1977. The mantle of Huntress has graced many characters, the most prominent of them all being Helena Bertinelli, who is the daughter of a Sicilian mobster and Helena Wayne, who is born to Bruce Wayne and Catwoman for becoming the next Batman and served as a Robin along Batman.


Barbara Gordon, a daughter of James Gordan (the police commissioner of Gotham City) was overwhelmed with the work Batman and Robin did as vigilantes; she found it way more meaningful than working with her father could ever be and stepped into the mantle of Batgirl, putting her tech whiz brain to work. Batgirl has also played a victim to Joker where she was sexually abused and shot paralyzed by him igniting numerous debates over a depiction of women on the platform with such mass fanbase.


Kate Kane made her debut in “52” in 2006. So far there is no one close to her investigative capacities, this strength often offers her instances where she has performed better than Batman himself. Her utility belt provides her with the courage to become the protector of the Gotham city, though a self-destructive one. Her love for Gotham developed while her family was moving from town to town as her father served the army.


female superheroes

Selina Kyle is no new name for any of the DC fans, the infamous burglar, and Bruce Wayne’s current and never ending love interest has her own set of skills, that include agility, great reflexes, a camouflaging attitude. We could call her a female Batman with less of a conscience and a lack of toys from Mr. Fox.

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