Battle of the Gods: Thor vs Hercules [And The Winner is…]

Thor vs Hercules: Who Would Win?

The comic-book fans have their own favorites they want to pit against other superheroes. In our limited knowledge, those who are not neck deep into Marvel comics think that Thor is the most powerful cosmic being in the entire realm. He is God of Thunder and the worthy successor to Odin, the ruler of Asgard. He could lift sacred hammer Mjolnir which is one of the most powerful objects in the Marvel universe. He is physically strong to withstand planet shattering attacks and celestial blasts. Who could possibly confront him and beat him?

Well, his brother Loki gave him a tough fight and in the upcoming movie Thor: Ragnarok, there is also Hela who is the guardian of Asgardian hell will literally snatch his hammer from his bare hands and strip him of his power. Let’s talk about his opponent now:

Hercules is one of the most powerful cosmic creatures in the entire comic-book universe. He is one of the six Olympian sons of Zeus. He is the God of Gods who has accumulated insane powers that Thor can only dream of. Well, to put things in perspective, he is more powerful than Odin or Zeus. He can fly, teleport, emit energy blasts with his bare hands or eyes. He can cause massive shock waves just by walking. He can also beat Galactus who is sometimes known as “Devourer of Worlds”.

Stan Lee once said that Galactus is certainly the most powerful character in the Marvel universe, but he failed to include the Marvel gods.

Thor vs Hercules
Thor vs Hercules

Although, Thor is highly skilled warrior, control weather and could even resurrect the dead, he can be vulnerable in the face of tough adversaries like Hercules who can predict Thor’s attacks and give him a befitting reply. Not even Odin can stop him in his prime. Thor has a long way to go before he enters Hercules league.

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