5 Times X-23 Proved That She Is Bad-Ass Just Like Wolverine

X-23 is a total badass, yeah there is no doubt about that, but what’s even more interesting is how she gets all fired up and goes at her foes like a wrecking ball. Here are the sassiest moments of X-23:

 Gets Pissed At Angel

Wolverine (X-23), while fighting a gang named, Ghosts of Cyclops gets set on fire, not even flinching a bit she continues to attack the villains, because of this her protective boyfriend Angel pick her up and throws into a fountain, not at all pleased by this she replies, “A flaming Wolverine is scarier than Wolverine”

Kills Her Torturer

Zander Rice, the man responsible for ll her pain is killed by her brutally. He not only tortured her physically as well as mentally but was also responsible for killing her beloved teacher, apart from that he killed numerous innocent kids and worst of all, made her kill her on the mother.

Played Possum

Wolvie here after being betrayed by Daken is taken into custody by a bunch of nutjobs running the Weapon X program. She’s freed her wrists but doesn’t attack the doctors until the right moment, this is when her bones are getting a chainsaw massage.

Blew Up a Facility While Standing In It

X-32 is the greatest badass that there can be, she once with Daken blew up the Weapon X facility while she was standing in it. Both were blown to bits but regenerated and came out of the blowing building like a boss.

Gave Up On Killing

X-23Oh yes, this was the best sassy moment of X-23 ever. She initially was created as a weapon, duh but later due to her sheer willpower gives up on killing. Nope, this doesn’t mean that she is a saint, but now 23 only kills those who need to be killed rather than how she used to go about killing earlier, which was, well killing everyone. This move of her was even commended by Wolverine who himself kills a lot of people.

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