7 Things Superman Will Do If He Wasn’t A Supehero

He’s the world’s most acclaimed superhero. The Big Blue Boy Scout. The Man of Steel. The safeguard of truth, equity, and the American Way. Yes. Superman is truly unique. He’s a symbol that addresses what’s best about humankind while additionally guarding us against the most exceedingly bad parts of human instinct. The superhero against which all others are measured against. He’s as wholesome as a crusty fruit-filled treat. All things considered, at any rate, more often than not.

Here is a rundown of 7 instances where Superman was just really creepy

 1) Would Marry His Cousin If He Could Get Away With It – Action Comics #291


Superman has never snared with his Kryptonian cousin Supergirl; it doesn’t mean he hasn’t considered it. Activity Comics #291 fixates on cousin Kara attempting to help Clark/Kal-El discover a spouse. This was apparently uneventful, a dull subject for a comic goes off the rails rather rapidly after she sets aside him back in the opportunity to meet Helen of Troy. At the point when that doesn’t work, they wander into the future, where she sets him up with a lady who appears to be only his sort — until her better half appears.

2) Made Lois Lane Gain Weight Then Fat Shamed Her – Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #5


The Fattest Girl in Metropolis ought to take care of business. Lois Lane gets hit by a development beam, which makes her put on weight at a fast pace. Stressed that Superman won’t locate her appealing any longer, she does everything conceivable to shroud her appearance.

As though buying garments at “The Fat Girl’s Shoppe” and battling off easygoing abuse wasn’t sufficiently mortifying, Superman says that she’s “a significant load,” while flying her around Metropolis. The truth is out, the most grounded man on the planet (or universe), who’s been demonstrated lifting 200 quintillion tons, gripes about conveying a heavier Lois Lane.

3) Adopts Jimmy Olsen Only To Abuse and Disown Him – Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #30


After Superman is told by a psychic that one day he will kill possess a child, the Man of Steel chooses the most secure alternative is to receive one and turn out to be estranged to the point that they’ll never convey again.

His decision of child ends up being Olsen himself, which is strange, given the negligible age crevice between the two. After Olsen concurs, he continues attempting to make his new father glad, yet Superman disdains him every step of the way, regularly getting to be dangerous and verbally injurious.

4) Drugs A Man and Assumes His Identity – Superman #1


Superman #1 is botched up stuff, with the assumed champion of equity conferring data fraud. While examining charges of debasement against a school football mentor, he chooses to go up against the personality of football player Tommy Burke

5) Deadbeat Dad – Superman Returns


Superman Returns is passed on the most bizarre Superman film ever constructed. It has moderately little activity and has Superman coming back from space from a mission to visit his home planet (which we as a whole know doesn’t exist anymore–what did he hope to discover?). Also, the way that Brandon Routh’s estimation of Christopher Reeve was unsettling now and again.

6) Tweets Out Batman’s Secret Identity – Injustice Gods Among Us #286

The comic based off of the prevalent battling computer game of a similar name includes a cold interchange universe where he turns into a totalitarian despot in the wake of killing Lois Lane.

As one would expect in a storyline like this, Batman takes a restricting position and drafts his kindred Justice League individuals to end Superman’s manhandle of force before things deteriorate. Superman is insightful to The Dark Knight Detective’s techniques and settles on a hazardous and uncool strategic maneuver: he uncovers Batman’s mystery personality on Twitter.

7) Becomes An Abusive Drunk Jerk – Superman III

7 superman creepy

In Superman III, our legend (played by the late Christopher Reeve) is given a cluster of manufactured Kryptonite, keeping in mind it demonstrates no impact at in the first place, its presentation changes Superman’s attitude, making him irritable, childish and possessive of his new love intrigue, Lana Lang (Annette O’Toole). This causes him to forego his typical brave obligations and slip by into sorrow and wrath, prompting to senseless acts like smothering the Olympic fire and fixing the Tower of Pisa. His most funny deed? Getting messy tanked at a bar in full ensemble.

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